Are you wondering what executive coaching is and what its benefits are?

Leading in any role is always challenging.

Executive coaching is a relatively new field but is gaining popularity every day. The benefits of executive coaching are numerous.

To help you become a better leader, we have asked the following question to some of the top executive coaches:

What are the biggest benefits of executive coaching in their opinion?

All the following executive coaches shared brilliant opinions in their responses as per their experience and expertise.

I’m thankful to all the coaches for their generosity in sharing their secrets and the biggest benefits of executive coaching.

Enjoy the responses, and here’s to your leadership success as an executive! 

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, Jessica is a thought partner with her clients to access their strengths, vision, and goals with accountability, tools, and fresh perspectives.

She has worked with executives and emerging leaders across multiple disciplines in technology, finance, and startups to achieve their peak performance levels and beyond. She works with leaders to move beyond the task-oriented into creating the strategy and vision that will move them forward in tandem with their company and personal goals while remaining true to their values and learning how to move past their biggest fears.

Her focus is to partner with my clients, as individuals, and within groups, to utilize creative problem-solving that is future-oriented, collaborative, and based on strengths and communication. She believes the steps to create change take awareness, practice, and commitment.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

We currently live in a time where our Leaders need to move faster, think smarter, solve more problems, and stay calm and collected while making difficult decisions – all while in waters that have often never before been navigated.  It’s not enough anymore to just do things the way “they’ve always been done” or to ask a mentor how they have worked on a problem because that might not be the best way in these times or for your personality. 

This is where an Executive Coach comes in to work with high-performing leaders who want to excel in their current position and/or explore what they need to improve upon to get to the next level.  

Executive coaching is a bit like working on a puzzle; when you are working on one piece, it slowly starts to affect, and make better, all areas of your life/role as you clearly start to see the picture.  Below are some of the most common puzzle pieces that, I notice, make the biggest impact on the big picture.  

The Top Four Major Benefits of Executive Coaching are:

  1. Having a thought partner – to help bounce ideas off of and explore alternative perspectives that you may not have thought of.  As an Executive Coach, I am listening for you to reach a resonant place of wanting to try something new – out of your comfort zone, to get to a new response and then to discuss how it went, how it could be improved, or to hold you accountable to the uncomfortable thing.
  1. Confidence and Executive Presence – People often feel a sense of “imposter fraud” or that they aren’t doing as well as they should be.  I find when working with high achievers, that when we do a 360, their boss/employees often rate the performance of the leader higher than they would rate themselves – by the end of coaching our goal is to close that gap, and my client to fully own their success and their leadership strengths.
  1. A confidential space to talk things out and through – It’s often the only time that a leader has a space that is just for them, without any interruption to talk about their struggles and desires.  To talk about what is top of mind without judgment or any corporate/company interference.
  1. To help the leader be a better people manager.  It’s not easy managing lots of different personalities and an Executive Coach can help you to find the strengths and best performances from your employees to ensure you have a collaborative team performing collaboratively and that feel heard and respected.  

Songya is a three-time Silicon Valley entrepreneur with business experience spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. She currently lives in Boulder, CO, and is the managing director of a coaching and consulting company that supports ambitious, hyper-intelligent founders seeking to unlock the highest potential in themselves and their teams.

Songya helps them to attain personal and professional success through executive coaching, team coaching, and management training. She most enjoys working with innovators and disruptors that strive towards a calmer, more equal, and more beautiful world. Her expertise sits at the intersection of team development, leadership, and business strategy to help teams reach their next big milestone.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

Executives carry an immense load. They are setting the strategy, growing the right culture, managing stakeholders, navigating interpersonal conflicts, and making difficult decisions, all while attempting to grow themselves personally, balance their family and relationships, and stay physically and mentally well enough to keep going. Like great leaders before them, they need a team of colleagues, friends, mentors, and coaches to help them navigate this complexity.  

Executive coaching provides a neutral and brave space for leaders to explore the breadth and depth of their lived experience. It journeys with them to their lowest lows and their highest highs, offering the permission and support to see life more vividly, breathe more fully, and make decisions with grounded certainty. It is distinct from other types of support because great coaches are masterful in creating an expansive and judgment-free field. 

The relationship fostered between the coach and client is a rare gift when done well. My clients often describe our sessions as profoundly spiritual and therapeutic, though executive coaching is neither spirituality nor therapy. The field of permission is fertile for exploration and growth. Thoughts may emerge that they have never shared with anyone. New ideas are met with possibility and practicality in the creative playground. 

In its greatest benefit, executive coaching brings the executive both clarity and aligned action. Uncovering hidden thoughts, patterns, and desires and bringing these into aligned action creates right-relation with themselves and their role in the organization. They move through life with greater ease and certainty despite challenges and setbacks. Amidst the chaos inherent to every organization, they emanate a sense of calm and stability.

As a result of this inner alignment, these leaders become magnetic. Their colleagues and teammates respect and admire them, even following them when they pivot the company or leave for another organization. These executives become the walking embodiment of motivation and inspiration for the people around them. Executive coaching holds the potential to transform not only a single individual but the entire organization through that individual.

Andy is a Qualified Coach of Excellence, STEM Mentor, and trainer. He is passionate to help individuals in the UK and globally to achieve their full potential and career ambition.

He understands the frustration to be in a job role that is no longer meaningful, He has been there and that is why he is reaching out.

Your Success is his Mission and he will create a pathway for you to achieve your goals so that you have a career that you richly deserve

Andy has 40 years+ of experience and expertise in the HEI sector will aid this process.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

The biggest benefit of Executive Coaching is that it enables good leaders to become great ones by focusing down on areas where they truly need to shine and that is not just delivering objectives on time but supporting their teams at times of stress and lifting them up so that they thrive!

Great leaders need to be more mindful of what is happening at the base level of their organizations and not just at the board level, help individuals to grow individually and achieve their goals and make sure they are happy and content in the workplace.

Above all else, it will help them Stand out in a rapidly changing work environment as the Pandemic has changed people’s perceptions and turnover in staff is increasing!

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE has a unique perspective as a certified executive coach and a 19-year corporate CEO. She helps leaders be respected, advance at the executive level, and prioritize well-being, without being so busy they don’t connect with the people who matter. Her clients include leaders from Adobe, Google, Ford Motor, Amazon, The Air Force, professional sports teams, and medium-sized organizations.

She is an ICF Certified Coach, a Certified Professional Coach by Duquesne University, a Certified Association Executive, an alumnus of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Practices Program and the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital Coaching in Medicine & Leadership Conference, a scholarship recipient of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership created at Google, and a member of Pittsburgh Coaches Association. She is the author of two books: Reinvent You – From Welfare to CEO and Starting Over.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

The biggest benefits of executive coaching are that you build heightened self-awareness, the ability to self-regulate negative emotions before you do something you regret, and you begin to accept yourself with all your imperfections. 

This translates to executive presence – you being respected and a must-have in any leadership position. You feel confident and know you belong and are worthy. It gives you the ability to see past bureaucracy, personal agendas, cynicism, and posturing to the big picture where you anticipate with strategic execution not defend and withdraw in disappointment. 

You don’t need to be right. You get it right.

Beth is an ICF-certified executive coach. She has a Masters in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, is an accredited coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), MBTI Practitioner, and Mindfulness trained.

She believes in coaching to build a constructive mindset, increase your mental fitness and empower you to achieve your goals by helping you boost your confidence.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

As a huge advocate of coaching, I could talk endlessly about the many benefits for positive change coaching has. However, one of the key ones, especially for Executives and the C-Suite is that the coaching space is their own, confidential place where they can experiment, challenge and explore. 

With the pressures of leading a team or a company, particularly through adverse or fast moving times, there is often little other space an Executive has where they can delve into what’s going on for them without judgment or consequences so that they can move forward with iterative action back into their day.

Jeff Roth is a leadership and executive coach along with a Career coach. His focus is on helping others see around corners, develop greater self and situational awareness, and significantly increase their effectiveness and ability to accomplish more with greater ease. Moreover, he is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by ICF.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

To succeed in the C-suite, executives require strong proficiency in a wide range of management and leadership skills that include:

Executive Management Skills:

  • Prioritization
  • Decision-making, particularly in the face of uncertainty and change
  • Delegation and execution
  • Talent identification and selection
  • Deep subject matter expertise

Leadership Skills:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Listening and communicating
  • Foresight and creating a shared vision
  • Strategic thinking
  • Possessing a growth mindset
  • Motivating and inspiring others
  • Initiating change
  • Navigating internal politics

The biggest challenges for executives often revolve around achieving balance among prioritization, leading through uncertainty, and navigating interpersonal relationships. The increased level of complexity and the impact of decisions at stake are typically much higher than in other leadership roles. This adds to the stress that complicates clear decision-making, which further compromises adaptation, execution, and delivering results.

Executive coaching helps C-suite leaders master the skills necessary to achieve this balance. It helps leaders put them into practice to increase objectivity, gain resilience and build a high-performing team, that is engaged, resilient and delivers results consistently regardless of circumstances.

Edith 1

Edith Hamilton is an ICF-certified Executive Coach for CFOs. She earned her MBA at Columbia University, and her CPCC at Co-Active Training Institute.  She has been coaching CFOs since 2016.  She is a Transformation-evoking Certified executive coach with boots-on-the-ground leadership experience in finance, operations, process improvement, growth, and marketing.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

The biggest benefit of executive coaching is increased clarity, confidence, peace of mind, and overall satisfaction with your role at work, as well as your life at home.  Coaching shows you exactly HOW you can be more content, AND more productive:  at the same time. 

For example, one of the tools I use in coaching executives, who are typically Chief Financial Officers and Chief Operating Officers of private-equity-backed companies, is the “Positive Intelligence Quotient” assessment and a targeted 6-week series of activities that measurably increase your ability to handle the challenges you experience at work with more effectiveness and ease.

Research shows that your “Positive Intelligence Quotient” (PQ) is the best predictor of how satisfied you are with your life — and how successful you are at creating the outcomes you want.  Increasing your mental and emotional fitness through executive coaching leads to less stress, and more satisfaction.   

As you identify the ways in which you may be self-sabotaging your own success — the ways in which you get in your own way and trip yourself up without even realizing it — you almost automatically reduce the frequency of that occurrence.  The skills and tactics you learn in executive coaching equip you to interrupt that cycle, and to substitute it with more positive responses such as empathy for yourself and others, clarity, creativity, and laser-focused action.  You then see others respond differently, and your outcomes increase dramatically. 


We appreciate all the successful executive coaches for taking the time and sharing their personal experiences regarding the benefits of executive coaching. We hope these amazing responses will help executives lead better.

What is the biggest benefit of executive coaching in your opinion?

Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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