Are you trying to figure out how to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

29.97 Million LinkedIn users login to the platform daily.

This is a massive opportunity for any business, and the best way to attract your share of the LinkedIn user’s attention is to start posting often.

Luckily, a small percentage of LinkedIn users post original content, which means your posts will have a higher chance to attract more attention.

However, posting regularly is a challenging task.

To help you start posting on LinkedIn, we have asked the following question to some of the top LinkedIn coaches:

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

All the LinkedIn coaches shared their advice generously in their responses. I’m thankful to all the coaches for their generosity in sharing their top tips. 🙏

Enjoy the responses, and here’s to your LinkedIn success! ✌️

Courtney is the leading coach and strategist for mid-career professionals who want successful, profitable careers without sacrificing lifestyle and freedom. A TEDx speaker and a Top Writer on Medium™, you’ll also find her career advice in Fast Company, Business News Daily, CIO Magazine, and In Her Sight. 

Known for her plainspoken assessments of work culture, she’s been entrusted to train professionals at world-class companies: Ernst & Young, Marriott, Lowes, and Sage. A veteran of international corporate consulting, Courtney is living proof that you can be the boss of your career even if you have an employer. 

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

Three tips for coaches to use LinkedIn

Treat LinkedIn as the top of your funnel. Focus on delivering good content, driving potential customers to your site, and collecting information. Here are three guidelines that will help.

It’s easy to lose your way on LinkedIn. Remember, your goal is to connect with your ideal customer. Not gain followers. Do it right, and yes, you’ll grow your following, but never lose sight of the goal and confuse high numbers of followers with high sales numbers. The vast majority of the time, one doesn’t lead to the other. I’ve watched several LinkedIn “favorites” with millions of followers decide to capitalize on those followers only to realize people who like their feel-good posts aren’t willing to take out their credit cards. And they aren’t going to tell you that. 

Consistency beats viral explosions. Decide a posting schedule and commit to it. Yes, some posts will go viral, yet most posts are bricks in a walkway you’re building for people to get closer to you. Over time, you’ll build trust and establish your brand. Do this, and people will see you and choose you. 

Reuse successful posts. Reposts save time, and time is more valuable than money. Go back to the previous quarter or six months in your Activity under Posts on your profile. Find one of your more successful posts and if the content is still salient, repost it. 

Make your LinkedIn profile a runway to your website or free download. Using links and clear calls to action offer multiple ways for those who click to get closer to your work. You built credibility on your profile, sure, yet you want customers more than connections, so drive them to the property you own – your landing page or website. 

Tristan is the CEO and Founder of Evolve to Grow— He’s also the original Business Sherpa.

He began Evolve to Grow in 2017 with a clear intent to do better. He wants to give business owners time and freedom, enabling it to happen right now. His mission is simple, He wants himself and his team to act as your Sherpa as they scale your business mountain together.

Evolve to Grow is about arming you with the knowledge and skill to confidently separate yourself from your business. As a business owner, he believes, it’s the only way to relax and enjoy the life you’ve built for yourself.

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

Social media is a hassle when you don’t know what you’re doing. In my first business, I was posting in an “ad hoc” way and I thought that was good enough.  

I would have a great idea, post and get some engagement, then stop because I wasn’t sure what to do for my next content piece. I’d do well in the heat of the moment, but there was no planning behind it.

Back in my first business, I never considered how social media posting impacted (both positively and negatively) the credibility of my brand. 

I’d throw up and post and smile when I got a few likes, then call it a day. A week or two (sometimes even four), later a new content idea would come to me so I’d do it again. 

It’s no wonder the leads I got from social media were as inconsistent as my posting. 

When you’re building credibility and increasing awareness for your business, you need to be consistent about your approach on social media.

Social media can be daunting, but you can learn it. By building a well-thought content strategy and sticking to it, you can engage your audiences and turn them into leads by identifying the types of posts they want (and posting regularly).

Teddy Burriss is dedicated to guiding business professionals on the fine art of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. Teddy does this with YouTube, Quora, and LinkedIn. Periodically he uses a sandwich board on the corner of Main & 1st Street in Anytown USA.

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

We stand out not with glamorous marketing or really loud megaphones, but rather with the words we use in our conversations. This applies to all of us including the many different flavors of coaches who want to be seen as the professionals they are.

There are two powerful ways to stand out as a professional coach through your words:

One method is we could stand out through the content we share, especially when that content resonates in meaningful ways with our target audience. We all can be successful with content by minimizing what we write about ourselves and instead of writing stories our target audience wants and/or needs to read. “Create conversations our target audience is willing to read and then join.

The second method is to look for ongoing conversations that are beneficial, maybe even important to our target audience. Listen to (view or read) the conversation and then participate in the discussion in ways that can bring value to our target audience. This creates greater reach and diversity in discussions where we can continue to stand out through our words. This is often more powerful as we alone can not create enough fantastic conversations that resonate with our target audience. “Join conversations our target audience is willing to read and join as well.

When our target audience begins to discover through our words that we care for them, we begin to stand out above everyone else. “Stand out as a professional coach through our words.

As a Global LinkedIn Trainer and Consultant, Hammad is empowering Businesses and LinkedIn users with his Coaching and Revamping service.

He is on a mission to transform his clients into Power Users to grow their LinkedIn network to increase visibility, build a brand, find job opportunities and generate business leads.

His services include Collaboration with Corporate Clients, Collaboration with non-profits to help them increase their outreach, LinkedIn Consultation for Content and Network building, LinkedIn coaching, LinkedIn profile optimization, and Special service for Canadian PR holders for a job search in Canada.

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

In my network (1,2 and 3 degrees combined), there are 3,930,000 LinkedIn users with the title “Coach”. The market is full of coaches, the challenge is to stand out and be visible to a wider audience which is the only way to attract more clients.

I launched my coaching and consulting business in 2020, I had about 6000 followers on LinkedIn. In two years I grew to over 50,000 global followers. LinkedIn helps me generate 100% of my global business.

If I can achieve this success, I think every coach can simply because LinkedIn is an amazing platform to build your social and professional brand and content plays a vital role in the process. LinkedIn offers a wide variety of content-sharing options to help improve our visibility, but we still need to strategically develop a content plan.

LinkedIn users are hungry for quality content, and its Algorithm loves you for providing high-quality content on a regular basis. Ideally, Coaches should focus on content that is educationally entertaining to spark engagement and conversations. Such conversations lead to increased visibility.  Astonishingly, only about 3% of LinkedIn users create and share original content, so as a coach, if you know how to target content, you can easily stand out amongst other coaches who are still struggling to figure out ways to gain visibility on LinkedIn. 

I emphasise content targeting. Simply because on LinkedIn you have the opportunity to reach out to your audience and potential clients without spending any Advertisement money. In fact, this makes LinkedIn more lucrative than any other social media platform. 

An opportunity coaches must avail. Create content to share your learning, your aspirations and success stories from your clients. Keep the focus on your ultimate goal which is “more visibility as a Coach”. I suggest a mix of text, images, and video content, use of the newsletter and LinkedIn Live. 

Jessica Hernandez is the founder of Great Resumes Fast. She started this company back in 2008 after more than a decade of directing hiring practices at Fortune 500 companies.

In addition, She is recognized globally as a resume expert and is regularly featured in major publications like Forbes, Fast Company, and Fortune. In 2020, She was named a LinkedIn Top Voice of the year.

 She specializes in Mid to senior-level executive resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, Executive & C-level Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing & Job Search Strategy.

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

My top advice for posting on LinkedIn and standing out is to be authentic to your personal brand.

Create posts that reflect your unique perspective and then share them consistently. Showing up once in a while won’t help you stand out. But, showing up every day will.

Shelly is a Career Development Specialist and a globally recognized LinkedIn Trainer and inclusion coach. Shelly coaches and inspires professionals, and teams, to create impactful and compelling career stories and maximize their value and social influence. Shelly is President of Linked-Express, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), recognized as a Woman you Need to Know by the National Women Speakers Association, a Women of Achievement, a Forbes and Thrive Global Writer, Woman of Inspiration Winner 2019, a higher education professional, and a trusted speaker for LinkedIn Canada.

She is also a leader in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; driven to create a solid and equitable foundation and culture, so all people feel accepted, valued, & worthy. Shelly lives in Nova Scotia. She is a curler, animal welfare advocate, and firewalking!

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

Coaching is a very rewarding career but success in effectively coaching others is embedded in one word, TRUST. 

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, not only to build relationships, and build thought leadership, but to also earn trust.  When Coach posts on LinkedIn, that Coach could earn and establish trust. 

First, if the content is relatable and relevant, then the Coach can be seen as a thought leader and change-maker in their field. 

Second, if the content is delivered consistently, the Coach can build a community of followers and supporters. There is power in social recognition; the more feedback and acknowledgment, the Coach receives, the more others will be tempted to learn more about the Coach and their services. 

Third, the more that the content is delivered in an easy-to-read, compelling, and catchy way, the more of an emotional connection readers will establish with the content and with the Author. 

Fourth, diversify your content and do things to get readers involved like asking questions, doing polls, and responding to feedback that will keep the conversation going.  

Finally, offer action tips, suggestions, and resources to empower potential clients. Like any good thing, trust takes time, But, once it is earned it can be there to stay. LinkedIn can help coaches earn trust!

David provides 1-2-1 and group coaching to help individuals and businesses get further, and faster. From the dream job that keeps escaping, to the big-fish client you need to land, he can get you there.

He has helped 300+ middle management & C-suite professionals land new careers over the past 10 months. His expertise includes leveraging LinkedIn, the world’s most powerful professional network, Unlocking new opportunities for yourself and your business, and helping you pursue your goals with clarity and confidence.

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

First thing you must engage more than you post and engage on your own content.

If you are new to LinkedIn or have a small network of under 7,000 followers (yes, that is small) you will need to grow your network in order to get eyes on your content. 

  1. Find people on LinkedIn that are doing something similar and follow and attempt to connect.
  2. Engage daily on their content. Really engage by providing thoughtful comments on their posts.
  3. Engage daily with a few influencers of people that might be “your” potential clients.

Here is a great best practice. 1) either keep a spreadsheet of those people you are following and click on their “Show all activity” 2) Click on Posts 3) copy the URL at the top and paste it into your spreadsheet. 4) every morning click on that URL and comment/engage with their most current post. FYI, you can use the Bell feature to get notified when they post as well. You just need to be following the person, you don’t have to be connected, and now you will receive a notification when they post.

Posting: When it comes to posting you can never, and I repeat never, post too much. 

I post over 3 times a day and have over 5.5 million views so far this year.

You need to mix it up: Post text only, Polls, Carousals, Video (keep it short under 1 min), Video of you, Photos and that’s about it. 

Hashtags: Use about 3-7 hashtags per post. Those first 3 you use must be followed by millions. Those others can use more focused on the topic. 

I could go on and on but let’s just stop here.

Be consistent and please show up daily.  

Yes, it is a lot of work, and over time you will see the results. 

Sandra is a LinkedIn specialist who works with individuals, teams, and companies to create and manage their LinkedIn presence for dynamic results.  From her teaching background and more than 20 years of training experience in Silicon Valley, She understands the finer points of LinkedIn technology, is able to demystify and break down its concepts into consumable pieces, and teach steps that can be implemented immediately so her clients get noticed and get results.

Through individual coaching and customized workshops, She works with busy professionals from a variety of industries, high tech to service businesses, and with any level of social media experience.

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

If you want to use LinkedIn effectively to showcase yourself as a coach and attract business, you’ll need to start with a strong LinkedIn profile.  You may ask why I’m starting there since this is about posting on LinkedIn. The purpose of posting on LinkedIn is to gain attention and attract people to look at your profile and see your call to action.  If you don’t have a strong profile in place, your posting is likely to be a wasted effort.


Headline: A strong profile should include a headline that clearly shows what you do.  The word “coach” is very generic. You need to differentiate yourself. You have 220 characters to work with but only the first line is visible when you reach out to connect or comment on someone’s post.  

  • “Executive & Leadership Coach | Organizational Culture Consultant | Positive Impact Amplifier”
  • “Executive Coach | Consultant | Trusted Transformation Leader”
  • “Professional Coaching | Helping Conscious Leaders Align & Thrive in Health and Career” 

Each of these is going to attract a different audience.

About: Your about section is your story, your 30-second elevator pitch, and your call to action.  Tell people enough about yourself that they can see themselves working with you.  Tell them how to contact you.

There are many other parts of your profile that can add to your credibility and attraction. Look at each section carefully. As a coach, you may not be looking for a job but every potential client is looking at your profile and considering whether they should “bring you in for an interview.”


When you post content on LinkedIn, it only is seen by a small percentage of your total number of connections.  Connect with people you know, people you’d like to know, and people who know people you’d like to know.  Grow your network thoughtfully and don’t spam people. Be a connection that is valued.


If you went to a party or networking event and just talked about yourself, people would probably be looking for the first opportunity to get away from you.  In the same way, on LinkedIn, you want to be a generous listener.  Like and comment on others’ posts.  You will be seen (including that first line of your headline I mentioned above) and get attention, and the LinkedIn algorithm will love you too, and show your content more widely.


So, now, finally, you can start to post.  There are many different kinds of posts, and there is analytics that tells us which performs better. In general, articles and link posts do not perform well. But I advise my clients that the best type of post is the kind you’re willing to do – whether it’s a simple text post, an image post, a video, or something else.

Be knowledgeable. Share your expertise and advice. Encourage people to engage with your posts by asking questions and encouraging discussion. The more that people engage with your posts by commenting and liking them, the more those posts will be shared on their networks. Always respond to those comments.  And continue to like and comment on other people’s posts.

It may take time but, if you are consistent, you will stand out as a coach on LinkedIn and attract clients.

Brendy is an expert LinkedIn trainer, who can help you to make effective partnerships through LinkedIn, Promote and grow your following (organically or paid), Find a LinkedIn content strategy, Learn LinkedIn advertising, and find your ideal clients

Moreover, She has been featured in Yahoo! Finance’s TOP 10 LinkedIn coaches to follow in 2021.

How to post on LinkedIn and stand out as a coach?

  • Personal Branding As a coach, it is important to create a personal brand: you are your company. People will start following you because you build trust and share your story. Connect to your audience. Additionally, make sure your brand is visible in your posts and on your profile. Choose clear brand colors and styles, create a template for your posts with your logo on them, and share. You can switch these up between pictures of yourself. Always remember you as a person should be visible to create a personal brand. 
  • Share advice and tips You are an expert in your field and this is what you need to show your followers. By sharing advice and tips on certain topics weekly. This could be a post, but LinkedIn Articles and the new LinkedIn Newsletters are great ways to share real in-depth information. This enables you to showcase your expertise, and you will start noticing people will start to follow you to keep updated.


We hope these amazing ideas will help you start posting on LinkedIn and grow your coaching business.

What is your favourite tip on posting on LinkedIn and why?

Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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