Are you wondering what is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit?

Some of the main benefits and goals of transformational coaching in my opinion are:

  • Increased confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Clarity in perspective in both life and career
  • Empowerment and Self-awareness
  • Accountability

To help you better understand transformational coaching and it’s benefits, we have asked the following question to some of the top transformational coaches:

What is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit in their opinion?

I’m thankful to all the coaches for their generosity in sharing their secrets 🙏

Enjoy the responses, and here’s to your success! ✌️

1. Sarah Willoughby

Sarah Willoughby

Sarah Willoughby is a Transformation Coach, Infertility Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker and Reiki Practitioner. 

Passionate about empowering people to heal, love themselves, achieve more and transform their lives, Sarah guides her clients to reconnect with themselves and find the answers that lie deep inside.

In Infertility Saved My Life: Healing PCOS from the Inside Out, the raw teaching moments of Sarah’s journey to self-love through Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and secondary infertility are exposed. Following a disastrous IVF cycle, she understood how short life is! Sarah faced her fears, left the corporate world, emigrated to Australia, and began a new life. 

What is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit in your opinion?

Transformation coaching focuses on getting to the root cause of our issues, pain, and blocks so that we can move through life with more ease and grace. Until we bring those things to the surface that are keeping us stuck, and shine a light on them, we cannot properly heal emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

Connecting deeply with ourselves allows us to tap into our inner truth to understand what our mind, body, and spirit need. We have all the answers deep inside. When we move into a space of ‘being’ not ‘doing’ we learn to tune out the distractions daily life presents to us all, so that we can hear these messages.

Transformation coaching also supports us to delve into the stories we have consciously or unconsciously taken on about who we are and how we ‘should’ live. Our mindset and perspective influence our lives. Once we begin to change the way we think, we can change the way we feel. Opening our hearts and minds supports us to live a more abundant and joyful life, where we can thrive, not just survive. This is true transformation.

At the heart of it, many people don’t like themselves, let alone love themselves. Going on a journey to self-love is by far the most transformative thing any of us can do. Because when we accept every aspect of who we are, we are one step closer to being our best version. The ripple effect of this is immeasurable!

Learning to stop looking outside of ourselves for the happiness, love, and peace we seek sets us free. Facing our fears allows us to embrace opportunities, make positive changes in our lives, follow our dreams and ultimately create the future we deserve.


Diane DiResta, CSP, is Founder and CEO of DiResta Communications, Inc., a New York City consultancy serving business leaders who deliver high stakes communication— whether one-to-one, in front of a crowd or from an electronic platform.   DiResta is the author of Knockout Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message with Power, Punch, and Pizzazz, an category best-seller and has spoken on 4 continents. She has unique ability to get to the core of the message and translate complexity into simplicity.

Diane is Past President of the NYC chapter of National Speakers Association and former media trainer for the NBA and WNBA. She was featured on CNN, and quoted in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, London Guardian, and Investors Business Daily and Bloomberg radio.

Diane is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than 12% of speakers nationwide as well as a certified virtual presenter. Her blog, Knockout Presentations, made the Top 50 Public Speaking blogs. And her Linkedin course-Speaking Confidently and Effectively ranked #5 on the Top 20 Most Popular courses.

What is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit in your opinion?

Transformational coaching is holistic. Where transitional coaching is a process of setting and achieving goals, it is about alignment. For example, if a person wants to improve their presentation skills, they may work with a transitional coach to feel more confident, learn how to organize a talk, tell a story, and handle questions from the audience. After coaching, they leave more confident and skilled.

Transformational coaching takes a person through significant change so that they can grow and alter their reality. The client along with the coach, examines every aspect of life including cultural impact, messages, beliefs, and influences that can impede  or accelerate growth and success.

It can take longer than transitional coaching because it’s not simply about reaching the end goal. The process involves greater awareness and creating a new perspective. Self reflection is an important aspect of transformational coaching as is emotional intelligence, gaining new insights and impacting the whole life of the coaching client. It’s not a linear experience. Rather than changing how people act, it helps clients change the way they see themselves.

In a nutshell, transformational coaching draws on psychological patterns that can surface. The philosophy is that people are whole and have their own internal resources. It’s not one way of thinking but draws from a number of disciplines so that coaches can bring their own unique style and background to the transformation process. The biggest benefit is the holistic approach which enables coaches to focus on all aspects-thoughts, moods, emotions. relationships and behaviors.

Kerrie has 25 years of diverse global business and executive experience across Fortune 500 companies and is now the founder of Live Your Sensational Life, a coaching and consulting company that focuses on helping career driven women and mothers’ step into their highest potential and achieve success in a way that allows them to thrive. 

She is passionate about helping women find and live their purpose and passion so they can have the impact they truly desire and leave a legacy they are proud of.  

What is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit in your opinion?

Transformational coaching is a metamorphosis of sorts.  Usually, it starts with someone wanting to change at least one area of their life, but this style of coaching allows a person to grow and evolve at a very deep level, often leading to a whole of life transformation.  It starts by digging into belief systems, behaviors and patterns, so they not only become more self-aware, but then implement changes to become the person they want to be and create the life they truly want to live. 

It is often based on finding the limiting beliefs, mostly held within the subconscious mind, that are blocking people and holding them back, and then empowers them to live their most authentic and fulfilled life.  It eliminates behaviors and habits that don’t serve them, such as self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism, people-pleasing etc.  During the coaching process, people will gain a deeper awareness of their talents and gifts, shadow side, fears and desires, develop higher levels of self-acceptance and self-love and end up with a more empowered perspective and expanded mindset.  

Ultimately transformational coaching can lead you to a whole new perspective on life and new belief on what is possible for yourself. 

The benefit of transformational coaching is vast, but truly life changing.  It can lead people to higher levels of emotional intelligence leading to healthier relationships, allows them to see and step into their highest potential, as well as discover and live their purpose and passion, so they can achieve their dreams and desires in life, without holding themselves back.

Emma Matthews is a Coach, Therapeutic Coach, Mentor, Hypnotherapist and Published Author specialising in stress management, burnout prevention and burnout recovery.

Emma previously had a senior career in the financial services industry, during which she experienced burnout. Through her experience, Emma realised the many gaps in stress and burnout management, which fuelled her passion and motivation to specialise in this area and create a more effective support model.

Emma now works with companies, individuals and groups globally to prevent burnout and collapse time on recovery.

What is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit in your opinion?

It is the deep practice of a skilled coach supporting individuals to uncover who they are and what they want. During this work, they will typically navigate blocks and challenges, such as limiting beliefs, to clear a path towards achieving their goals.

Transformational coaching facilitates long-term shifts in beliefs and identity for the client to support them in achieving what they desire.

In my practice, clients typically experience profound transformational shifts due to the strength of our coaching and mentoring relationship and their motivation and commitment to do the work. It must be a two-way exchange of energy and commitment.

While coaching can exist at a more surface, logical level, It goes deeper. In my practice, I achieve this by combining work with the rational conscious mind while going deeper into the subconscious mind, which drives our values, beliefs and habits. By combining coaching and hypnotherapy, the client and I collaborate to rewire their thought patterns, which leads to long-lasting change.

In my opinion, this deeper rewiring work creates a genuinely transformational coaching experience for the client. When a coach has the training to work effectively with the subconscious mind, the client tends to rely less on willpower as they have the tools to shift their identity towards being the person who has already achieved their goals.

The Be > Do > Have model summarises this well; first, we must develop the identity of someone who has achieved this goal, then take action and then we will see the results. This approach is a complete shift compared to the standard model we see in life in which people often wait to achieve their goal to feel worthy of the title.

It is a true collaboration between coach and client that collapses time on self-discovery and goal achievement.

Dick huiras is a President and Senior Partner for Edge 2 Edge Business Consulting & Coaching a 30+-year-old company assisting in transitioning and re-inventing small businesses in the United States, and Europe to achieve sustainable profit and growth.

Dick has served as a keynote speaker and presenter for organizations and conferences in the United States, Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Germany, Canada, and Mexico, in addition, is considered one of the top communication and relationship experts.

Dick won the Business Person of The Year for 2022 and Instructor of the year for the University of Houston in 1996. Dick has his BA in Business & Psychology and an MA in Behavioral Psychology.

What is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit in your opinion?

Why Transformational Coaching? As individuals, we tend to see things from a world of Status Quo. It aids in life-changing cycles creating a new world of Status Quo.

Coaching for transformation starts with building trust between the coach and the client, trust is about understanding the client’s energies either negative or positive. A great assessment ICS-Connect helps the coach to understand how their client sees the world around them and how they are interacting in that world. The negative energy just maybe their status quo and the client needs to move from a negative status quo to a positive status quo.

Listening for challenges and capabilities should be on the top of the coach’s list. This allows the client to fully engage in communicating. Most people agree they need a life change, however, no idea how to make that happen so they stay with the current status quo.

There are several critical factors in making a transformational move in their life, leadership, and relationships. The first factor is self-awareness. This happens when the coach is asking questions and then setting any environment for feedback. The second factor is developing clarity and focus. This happens when the coach encourages feedforward. The third factor is skills development. That is what is needed to support the new status quo.

Transformational coaching is successful when the client fully understands the new possible impacts.

Anne helps overworked people who are “always-on” to introduce creative slack so they can perform optimally and regenerate powerfully.

Anne thinks of Leonard Cohen – the epitome of a workaholic artist – as her first coaching client.

As a long-time TV journalist, Anne had the privileged of meeting and interviewing luminaries such as the Dalai Lama, actor Roger Moore (the original James Bond), countless heads-of-state, politicians, leaders, managers, organizers, movers and shakers, always absorbing and learning from their brilliance.

Coach and mentor coach for six years, Anne is an ICF-credentialed PCC.

What is transformational coaching and its biggest benefit in your opinion?

I feel that all the coaching I offer aims to be transformative at its core.

When I work with WHO the client is and where they want to get, magic happens. They change their WHO to get to the WHAT.

In general, that magic comes especially when the coach asks a powerful question that stops the client in their tracks. In the silence the client’s wheels are turning, taking them towards a breakthrough. Now we are no longer dealing with the specific problem or topic that client has brought to session. We are opening up to find a way forward powered by the newness just grasped.

Repetition and time help here, of course. When this process is reiterated over a period of sessions, a deep coaching alliance makes it possible for you to cue and prompt with client information gathered over the period of the contract.

How privileged the coach is to be right there for the length of this journey while the client forges into the future! You are there handing out the necessary reminders and guideposts for meaningful transformation. All of this has been brought to fruit by your kind and loving constant presence.

To be a coach is a gift to both parties in the equation.


We appreciate all the successful transformational coaches for taking the time and share their personal definitions of transformational coaching and it’s biggest benefits.

What is your favourite definition and benefit of transformational coaching and why?

Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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