Looking for the best websites for Schools to seek inspiration? 

The website of a school is considered the face of that school. It affects the overall reputation and image of the school which builds more credibility and leads to increased admissions. 

A big challenge that schools usually face is communicating with students, parents, and teachers. Here, a website is a smart and simple way to overcome this challenge.

Websites of schools can be overwhelming because they are the house of information. Having a professional school website is considered one of the most important investments for any school. 

In this post, we have listed the 12 best websites for schools with their key features that effectively balance functionality with aesthetic appeal which is enough to inspire you.

Let’s get started!

1. British School of Amsterdam 

British School of Amsterdam is a thriving international school community that nurtures, inspires, and empowers everyone to be the very best they can be. They are enthusiastic about their role as a hub and meeting point for families from all over the world. 

Nurturing a robust and mutually rewarding school community is central to the school. This school makes every effort to encourage every child to develop in other important ways – life skills such as confidence, good manners, public speaking, and conversational ability. 

Key features of the British School of Amsterdam website: 

  • Stands out as one of the best websites for schools in terms of quality, branding, and features.
  • Well-designed website to tailor the interests of enthusiastic parents.
  • You can find detailed information about the head of the grade, the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and the programs they offer. 
  • High-quality imagery helps to attract potential students and their guardians.
  • Well-functioning website to help the audience to find what they are looking for
British School of Amsterdam

2. Salesian College Chadstone 

Salesian College Chadstone is a journey that draws its inspiration from the spirituality and educational principles of founder, St John Bosco. Their mission is to develop students’ intellectual, physical, spiritual, and artistic skills.

Also, they provide the support and professional development required to ensure that their staff remains at the forefront of educational delivery. With this in mind, they encourage suitable staff to consider joining their vibrant and dynamic learning community.

 Key features of Salesian College Chadstone website: 

  • The website features a clear color palette to emphasize the school’s brand.
  • A well-designed website with classic fonts.
  • Introductory video to create an authentic connection with students and parents.
  • Provided detailed information about the school’s programs, school news, an honor roll, and more. 
  • User-friendly website interface to reduce search time and increase satisfaction.
Salesian College Chadstone

3. Ruyton Girls School

Ruyton Girls’ School empowers girls to live lives of impact and purpose, Ruyton supports each girl to achieve her personal best.  They are a Kindergarten to Year 12 non-denominational independent day school for girls in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. 

They honor as the traditional custodians of lands and waterways and pay respects to their Elders, past, present, and emerging.

 Key features of the Ruyton Girls’ School website: 

  • A key strength of the website is how it explained its mission which is its commitment to girl child education.
  • Welcoming features to attract the attention of students and their parents.
  • Simple web design with outstanding features which helps the visitors to earn more about the school, book tours, and enroll. 
  • The way of displaying and explaining their values and educational approach is outstanding.
  • Images are a great help to convey their ideas that help to capture audiences as well. 
Ruyton Girls' School 

4. International Grammar School Sydney 

International Grammar School Sydney is situated within moments of Sydney’s CBD. It is a uniquely independent, co-educational, secular school offering quality teaching for early learning, primary, and high school students.

They offer an extraordinary bilingual, secular education for girls and boys from Preschool to Year 12. Their core values reflect a charter of diversity, individual and social responsibility, and respect for self and others.

 Key features of the International Grammar School Sydney website: 

  • A key strength of the website is the Virtual Tour which allows visitors to take a tour of the school from anywhere on the globe. 
  • Eye catchy and minimalist web design
  • Welcome messages greet new visitors and set the tone for future interactions with potential visitors.
  • The use of icons and leaving a lot of white space gives the website a unique look
  • Images make the information more digestible and presentable for students and their guardians.
International Grammar School Sydney

5. Charlotte Preparatory School 

Charlotte Preparatory School empowers children to write their own stories through distinctive academic models, intentional size, and embracing community. Also, empowered to be leaders a little sooner, with their middle schoolers modeling responsibility, confidence, and kindness for their younger schoolmates.

This Preparatory School is just the start of students’ stories, and graduates move on to the next chapter fully equipped for and genuinely excited about high school.

 Key features of Charlotte Preparatory School website: 

  • Uses a unique horizontal scroll feature to tell the school’s story.
  • Showcase its mission in an incredible way to prepare students for the future. 
  • The website includes a range of helpful content to engage the audience. 
  • High-quality photos of students to make the website more interactable.
  • Guidelines for the next school year help to allocate resources effectively and identify potential risks.
Charlotte Preparatory

6. CIS International School

CIS International School’s aim is to develop its community in an inspiring learning environment. This international school facilitates character building, the development of skills, and continuous learning.

They celebrate the individual differences and beliefs of all people. Also, they actively engage in the world and the communities in which they live. 

 Key features of the CIS International School website: 

  • Web design looks professional and fun with exciting features.
  • Showcase its content in a stylish way using the slider.
  • Welcoming hero section which helps the students and guardians to engage easily.
  • Eas to check the different levels of education via the user-friendly menu. 
  • Implements a sticky sidebar to improve visitor retention.
CIS International

7. Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan School of Music is one of the world’s premier music conservatories for classical music, jazz, and musical theatre. They are deeply committed to excellence in education, performance, and creative activity.

A premier international conservatory, MSM inspires and empowers highly talented individuals to realize their potential. They take full advantage of New York’s great learning and performance opportunities to accomplish passionate performers, composers, and teachers to the arts and society.

Key features of the Manhattan School of Music website: 

  • The website design is powerful and embraces the visual hierarchy.
  • White space with GSAP animation gives a unique look to the website.
  • The sticky menu and mega menu are user-friendly that help the visitors to easily navigate the website.
  • Useful and descriptive CTAs.
  • Video integration keeps the students and their guardians on your website longer and engages them with content.
Manhattan School of Music

8. The Art Center

The Art Center teaches the fundamentals of art while encouraging creativity, curiosity, and individuality. They offer classes for all ages throughout the year.

Their spacious classroom is stocked with everything that artists need to explore and learn. Also, they have a kiln for ceramics projects, and a backyard to enjoy during camps.

Key features of The Art Center website: 

  • Colorful and vibrant web design increases readability and legibility.
  • The white space effectively drives attention to the right elements.
  • Descriptive CTAs are all over the homepage to convert visitors to students. 
  • User-friendly sticky header and the off-canvas menu.
  • Live Instagram feed adds great value with more engaging content.
The Art Center

9. The Paris American Academy

The Paris American Academy was founded by Richard Roy in 1965. Its strongly vocational approach prepares students for careers in Fashion, Fine Arts, Creative Writing, and Interior Design.

PAA offers 3-year programs, semester programs, and summer workshops that allow students to explore their individual creative vision and develop their practical skills in their respective fields. 

Key features of The Paris American Academy website: 

  • A key strength of the website is its asymmetrical layout 
  • The website focuses on a strong vocational approach to prepare students for careers. 
  • The homepage is magnificent and breathtaking.
  • The hero header has a cool hover effect with four large menus. 
  • Subtle and smooth animation adds creativity to the website.

10. Woodhouse Groove School

Woodhouse Groove School provides a well-rounded education to unlock a child’s potential. Their pupils benefit from the confidence and growth that comes from being known and understood as an individual.

They believe that every child is an individual with their own unique personality, talents, and skills; and it’s this individuality that they encourage to grow at all stages of their education.

Key features of Woodhouse Groove School website: 

  • The website has simple web elements to improve credibility.
  • Stunning images appear seamless with subtle animation. 
  • The welcome video on the hero header gives an incredible look to the website.
  • A clean and minimalist layout with user-friendly features is enough to impress an audience.
  • Good typography creates a hierarchy that the viewer can easily follow.
Woodhouse Groove School

11. Edible Schoolyard NYC

Edible Schoolyard NYC’s mission is to support edible education for every child in New York City. They believe in a future where all children are empowered to make healthy food choices for themselves, their communities, and their environments.

They work to address health inequities by providing schools in low-income communities with integrated food education. Their curriculum is aligned with Common Core standards, strengthening overall academic achievement. 

Key features of the Edible Schoolyard NYC website: 

  • Simple but striking website design
  • Used green as the website’s primary color which represents the denoting nature and energy
  • Mega menu manifests user-friendly navigation
  • Embedded video integration to introduce the firm’s mission
  • Useful and descriptive CTAs
edibleschoolyardnyc Websites for Schools

12. Ascend Learning

Ascend Learning is a network of K-12 schools that honor, nurture, and challenge the whole child. They are deeply committed to advancing educational equity for all of their students.

Ascend offers a rich, varied, rigorous Common Core-aligned curriculum, in a warm, supportive, and joyful culture. Their community is powered by their bold dreams to serve students with special needs. 

Key features of the Ascend Learning website: 

  • Clean and simple hero section eye catchy CTAs
  • The captivating headline enforces people to take action
  • Introductory videos are embedded which is a great way to engage the audience
  • The neat and minimalist layout enhances the website layout 
  • Animations have been used in an incredible way to increase the retention rate of the audience


Wrapping up, websites for schools are crucial because it is the very first point of interaction between the school, students, and their guardians. That’s the reason why schools need an impressive website with all relevant information to attract students and their guardians.

Websites for schools provide a better learning experience, and fresh content for students and share all the updated information which builds credibility with an opportunity to tell parents, students, and prospects why they should trust you.

Inspired enough to build your own website for your school? 

Create your own website having all the key features mentioned above to build a strong online presence for your school. 

Feel free to comment below which websites for schools from the above list inspired you the most and why?

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