You have built a fabulous website and need some traffic now?

Driving search engine traffic to any website more importantly to a new website is a difficult task.

In fact, 55% of companies say growing traffic to their website is their top priority and 61% say SEO is their main focus when it comes to growing traffic.

But where should you begin?

Start by assessing on-page WordPress SEO for your brand-new website first.

The easiest way to do this is by installing Yoast SEO plugin and checking out their comprehensive WordPress SEO guide, which has simple and actionable points such as:

  • WordPress SEO basics
  • Template optimization
  • A site structure for higher rankings
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content optimization
  • How to improve your page titles for SEO
  • Advanced WordPress SEO and duplicate content
  • Offsite blog SEO
  • Measuring results

Once you have taken care of the above basic WordPress SEO tasks and looking to take your on-page WordPress SEO to the next level, check out the Advanced Guide to SEO.

In this advanced guide to SEO you’ll find:

  • Indexation & accessibility
  • Site speed and performance
  • New search
  • WordPress SEO
  • Advanced data research
  • Keyword research
  • Link building techniques
  • Search verticals

SEO is a never-ending game, however, it is important to invest your time in what matters the most.

You can supercharge the SEO for your brand-new website by doing the recommended work in these top SEO guides.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting is the place where your website lives.

Deciding the right host is important for WordPress SEO for your brand-new website and you should check the following key points before choosing one:

  • Uptime reliability – A lot of downtimes can hurt your SEO
  • Page load speed – Google is putting a lot of emphasis on this
  • Security – Very important
  • Designed for WordPress
  • 24/7 customer services

Recommended web hosting providers:

  • Bluehost – a good start
  • SiteGround – for serious businesses
  • WP Engine – bigger websites
  • Kinsta – large-scale businesses
Recommended web hosting providers:

Web hosting does not affect your SEO results directly but your website performance does.

The right hosting partner will give you the right foundation for your website’s overall performance and WordPress SEO If you are just starting out.

Jacaranda Finance is an Australian-based online neo-lender that specializes in fast personal finance. They pride themselves on their innovative and transparent approach to helping thousands of Aussies access the finance they need. Jacaranda Finance was facing frequent downtime, poor site performance, and slow support queries that hindered their growth and success.

They operate 100% online and rely on its speed as a point of difference, having a reliable hosting provider was essential to meeting its goals as a business. But, when they have tens of thousands of unique visitors each month and hundreds of customers, the hosting started to impact the website. Any time the website experienced issues such as crashing or being too slow to meet customer needs, the business suffered as a result.

Later, Jacaranda Finance chooses Kinsta as their new WordPress hosting provider. As a result, they saw an immediate 30% increase in their Google Page Speed Score right after moving to Kinsta. Also, Jacaranda Finance improves SEO Ranking.

 Jacaranda Finance

SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Picking up a simple and powerful WordPress theme such as Genesis Framework can help you with your WordPress SEO for your brand-new website and save you a lot of trouble in the long term.

Changing your WordPress theme, later on, could affect the following:

  • Page speed
  • Design and UX
  • Site architecture
  • Internal linking
  • It could affect your URL structure and metadata.

In short, to avoid losing your WordPress SEO efforts down the line, it is better to start with the right WordPress theme.

Important Features

Few important features that most SEO-friendly themes often have in common:

  • Clean code: I think this goes without saying. Clean code is the foundation and fundamental thing to look for in a theme for your website. The well-coded theme followed by WordPress best practices is very important for your WordPress SEO efforts.  
  • Page Speed: Google has indicated site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. And research has shown that Google might be measuring time to the first byte when it considers page speed. In addition, a slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this could negatively affect your indexation.

Page speed is also important to user experience. Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. Longer load times have also been shown to negatively affect conversions.

  • Security: Popularity of the WordPress also makes it vulnerable and it is important that the theme you choose, have top-notch built-in security to reduce the chance of your site being hacked.

Research by Word Fence shows that 45% saw search traffic impacted by a hacked website.

wordpress seo for a brand new website
  • SEO: SEO requires a lot of effort you want to make sure that you’re ranking well in the search engines so your customers can find your website. A clean, optimized code, with an easy-to-navigate design, is important for achieving the best rankings possible.

Schema Markup

Your WordPress theme must support code, which allows you to output microdata in your site’s code.

One of the latest evolutions in SEO is called schema markup. This new form of optimization is one of the most powerful, but least-utilized forms of SEO available today. Once you grasp the concept and method of schema markup, you can boost your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Schema Markup


A web page that fits all device sizes is the standard requirement by internet users now.

A research study by Experienced Dynamics showed that 79% of users will search for another site to complete their task if the website is not optimized for their screen size. Also, mobile users are 5X more likely to abandon the site if a website is not optimized for mobile.

I think that is a lot of on-page WordPress SEO for a brand-new website for now. Let’s see what off-page things are essential to do for a solid SEO for your website.


Local SEO

If you have a physical business location and serve local customers, local SEO can help you greatly.

46% of searches on Google are local searches.

Local SEO

In fact, you must get this right before you look into organic SEO, which is usually a long-term project.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO fundamentals are the same as organic SEO but with particular emphasis on your location.

For example, if you are a plumber based in Ilford, Greater London, you want to ensure that you rank in the first 3 local results Google shows when someone searches for a plumber in Ilford.

Ranking for plumbers in Manchester will not be any help to you.

Google Pack

Important Local SEO Factors

  • Add a map to your contact page
  • Claim your Google business page
  • Collect reviews
  • Create local content
  • Add schema markup
  • Build links
  • Add citations

Fighting to climb the SERPs can be tough for small businesses, especially if you’re just starting out. Follow this ultimate guide to local SEO to lock your business in the first 3 spots in your local Google pack.  

By improving your local SEO, you’ll increase your organic traffic, find more leads, and grow your business.

Important Local SEO Factors

West Gate Bank keeps you moving forward and supports you to help you along the way. They were looking for ways they could improve their visibility in the local markets they serve. With an unorganized local search presence, the client needed help to develop a consistent plan to improve their search, maps, and directory visibility.

Here, A comprehensive local search optimization strategy was necessary to optimize the client’s local search presence and help the client compete more effectively in this space. Each month in the future, they monitored the client’s local search presence and suppressed duplicate listings, overrode incorrect updates, reviewed and made necessary corrections across all directories, and monitored reviews and responded for the client to keep them optimized for success at all times.

As a result, West Gate Bank got +270% Google Search views, +289% Google Map views, and +247% Total lasting impressions. Also, they got +385% Phone Calls, +209% Website Clicks, and +184% Get Directions.

 West Gate Bank

Organic SEO

Doing on-page SEO is great.

But creating high-quality content regularly that attracts links is the main factor when it comes to winning the long-term organic SEO game.

Content that attracts external links is the backbone of SEO.

An average company that blogs regularly generate 55% more traffic.

blogging facts

The skyscraper technique by Brian Dean is my personal favorite organic SEO strategy to build links.

There are 3 steps to The Skyscraper Technique.

  • Step 1: Find link-worthy content
  • Step 2: Make something even better
  • Step 3: Reach out to the right people
Image 23

You should check out Brian Dean if you are serious about your long-term SEO.

Yourcontentmart is a team of passionate and enthusiastic ROI-driven content marketers. Their mission is to help B2B SaaS startups grow their businesses profitably using content marketing. Yourcontentmart helps a SaaS Company to grow organic traffic By 36% Month Over Month Using The Skyscraper Technique.

They implemented a unique strategy and twist the skyscraper technique to achieve the desired results. The techniques followed by Yourcontentmart are: Analysis of the top-performing content on the SERPS, writing a SERP-based content outline, creating unique content that’s 10x better and valuable, on-page SEO and search intent optimization, and developing a content upgrade to get leads & user signups.

As a result, the SaaS Company generates an average of 1000 organic traffic consistently every month and ranks for more than 1300+ keywords on Google.


Wrapping up, it’s hard to secure Google rankings. It also takes time to get reasonable organic traffic through SEO.

To get any sort of traction, you need to continuously produce high-quality content to answer searchers’ questions as best as possible.  

Follow the best practices we shared above to help your brand new website to rank well in Google search results to start bringing traffic and eventually customers for your business.  

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, first focus on local SEO to rank on the first page of Google.

What are other WordPress SEO strategies you use to boost your brand-new website’s SEO?

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