Looking for some best StoryBrand website examples to seek inspiration?

In the fast-paced world of business, capturing the attention of your audience has become increasingly challenging. 

Here, being able to tell a great story is like having a secret superpower. 

Stories are amazing because they grab your attention, feel relatable, and encourage you to do something – like buying a product or supporting a brand.

Now, imagine a special way of telling stories, a bit like a superhero move for any brand. That’s where the StoryBrand framework comes in. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s delve deeper!

What is the StoryBrand framework?

The StoryBrand framework is a marketing and branding approach created by Donald Miller. It involves using the structure of a compelling story to simplify and clarify a brand’s message. 

Basically, the StoryBrand framework revolves around the concept of the “hero’s journey,” a narrative structure employed in stories throughout history. 

In this journey, the customer takes on the role of the protagonist, facing a challenge and surmounting obstacles on their path to achieving their objective.

The central idea is to cast the customer as the hero, identify their problem, position the brand as a guide, and present a clear plan for the customer’s journey. 

The framework aims to engage audiences effectively by utilizing storytelling principles in marketing communication.

What is the StoryBrand framework?

Importance of having a clear and compelling brand message on a website

A clear and compelling brand message isn’t just about crafting catchy slogans; it’s about creating a cohesive narrative that resonates with your audience. 

It’s the foundation upon which relationships with customers are built and sustained. 

Websites with such messages create memorable experiences, foster trust, and drive business success.

Key reasons to show the importance of a clear brand message on a website:

  • First Impression: Captivates instantly, reduces bounce rates, and engages visitors within seconds for sustained interest and exploration.
  • Brand Identity: Defines uniqueness, values, and voice; builds trust and differentiation in a competitive digital landscape.
  • Enhanced UX: Guides effortlessly, simplifies communication, and improves navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Conversion Impact: Influences action, boosts conversion rates by addressing needs, and compelling users to take desired actions.
  • Consistency & Recall: Strengthens brand recall, fosters loyalty through consistent messaging, and builds lasting customer relationships.
  • SEO & Visibility: Aligns content, improves SEO, and drives organic traffic, enhancing website visibility and search engine rankings.
  • Credibility: Shows professionalism, reduces confusion, fosters trust, and builds confidence for sustained visitor engagement and long-term loyalty.
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The seven universal story points

Stories are like roadmaps with seven important stops. These steps, shared by Donald Miller, help make stories powerful. 

They’re not just for tales but also for businesses trying to connect better with people. 

Let’s explore these steps and how they shape awesome stories and marketing.

  • The Character: Represents the customer, the hero of the story, seeking a solution to a problem or challenge within a narrative.
  • Has A Problem: Identifies the customer’s pain point or challenge that needs resolution and drives the story’s conflict.
  • And Meets A Guide: Represents the brand as the mentor or expert offering a solution to the customer’s problem.
  • Who Gives Them A Plan: Outlines how the brand’s products or services address the customer’s needs and provides a solution.
  • And Calls Them To Action: Encourages the customer to engage, purchase, or take the next step toward resolving their problem.
  • That Helps Them Avoid Failure: Using the brand’s offerings helps the customer circumvent negative consequences or overcome their initial challenge.
  • And Ends In A Success: The customer achieves a positive outcome or resolution by using the brand’s products or services.

Benefits of implementing StoryBrand in web design

Incorporating StoryBrand principles in web design amplifies the effectiveness of the website. 

It helps to transform it into a narrative-driven platform that connects with users, addresses their needs, and drives conversions effectively.

Key benefits of implementing StoryBrand in web design:

  • Clarity: Streamlines messaging, creating a clear and compelling narrative that resonates with visitors, reducing confusion, and enhancing user understanding.
  • Engagement: Captivates audience attention swiftly, reducing bounce rates, and sustaining interest through storytelling elements and a coherent brand message.
  • Conversion Optimization: Guides users seamlessly through a narrative-driven website, leading to increased conversions by addressing customer needs effectively.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Simplifies navigation, improving user experience by aligning with the StoryBrand framework, making interactions intuitive and seamless.
  • Brand Differentiation: Establishes a unique identity, setting the brand apart from competitors by emphasizing its distinct narrative and values.
  • Emotional Connection: Forges deeper connections with users by incorporating emotional storytelling elements, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Consistency & Recall: Ensures consistency across various platforms, strengthening brand recall, and reinforcing the brand’s narrative across different touchpoints.
  • SEO & Visibility: Aligns content with keywords, improving SEO, enhancing website visibility, and attracting organic traffic through coherent and compelling messaging.
  • Effective Communication: Simplifies complex ideas and offerings, enabling effective communication of the brand’s value proposition to the target audience.
  • Long-term Relationships: Builds lasting relationships with customers by conveying the brand’s story and values, fostering trust, and encouraging brand advocacy.

How to apply StoryBrand to your website?

Applying StoryBrand principles to your website revolutionizes user engagement. 

By crafting a narrative that positions your brand as the guide to solving customers’ problems, your site becomes a compelling platform. 

Clear messaging, intuitive design, and an engaging story-driven approach captivate audiences and drive conversions effectively.

Key tips to apply StoryBrand to your website:

  • Define Audience Needs: Understand your audience’s challenges and aspirations to tailor messaging that resonates with their needs and desires.
  • Craft Clear Brand Message: Develop a compelling message addressing how your product/service solves audience problems, positioning your brand as the guide.
  • Build Story-Driven Narrative: Engage visitors by portraying customers as heroes and your brand as the guide offering solutions.
  • Simplify Website Content: Organize content to align with StoryBrand, clearly communicating benefits and guiding visitors towards action.
  • Use Compelling CTAs: Prompt action with clear calls-to-action, guiding users toward solutions and encouraging engagement.
  • Employ Visual Storytelling: Use visuals reinforcing your narrative to resonate and connect emotionally with your audience.
  • Optimize UX: Design an intuitive user journey that guides visitors seamlessly from problem identification to solution discovery.
  • Maintain Message Consistency: Align website messaging with overall branding efforts for a coherent and unified brand story.
  • Measure Performance: Analyze metrics regularly, adjusting strategies to optimize StoryBrand implementation and website effectiveness.

Best StoryBrand website examples 

Below, I have shared the 7 best StoryBrand website examples. 

These StoryBrand website examples demonstrate the effective use of the StoryBrand framework.

You can see how clearly they articulate their message, address customer needs, and guide visitors through a compelling narrative that drives action.

Let’s get started!

7 best StoryBrand website examples:

1. Dr-2-Dr Coaching

Dr2Dr Coaching, founded by Dr. David Woods in 2024, provides specialized online coaching for Australian doctors in Launceston, Northern Tasmania.

It streamlines coaching previously offered by MindingTheGap Coaching and Communication Training (MTG), focusing on medical practitioners’ needs.

Key features of Dr2Dr Coaching site: 

  • Clear homepage message communicates their brand’s value that guide users to easily understand and engage with website’s purpose.
  • Intuitive navigation simplifies users’ interaction with their website that enhances browsing experience.
  • High-quality visuals captivate user and enrich their experience.
  • Lead generation popup not only capture visitor’s information but also fostering potential customer relationships.
  • Visual hierarchy organizes content, guiding users’ attention effectively, while clear product/service descriptions convey information about offerings concisely.
Dr2Dr Coaching

2. Caproni Coaching

Addison Caproni hails from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, where his love for sailing began at age 7.

His journey from competitive sailing to coaching started early, teaching him independence and decision-making.

Through an online coaching program, he now shares his message and supports others, emphasizing the importance of spreading love and moral values in today’s world. Join him on this transformative journey!

Key features of Caproni Coaching site: 

  • The website’s concise title immediately identifies website’s purpose and resonating directly with the target audience.
  • Engaging storytelling captivates visitors, making the brand memorable and fostering emotional connections.
  • Strong calls-to-action guide users towards desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Social proof, including testimonials and case studies, builds credibility and trust with the audience.
  • Consistent branding elements, such as colors and fonts, reinforce the brand identity and create a cohesive experience
Caproni Coaching

3. Dr. Leslie Korn

Dr. Leslie, a Harvard Medical School-trained traumatologist, specializes in mental health nutrition and integrative therapies.

Focused on trauma, cognition, and chronic illness, their career spans Harvard and the Mexican jungle. He is passionate advocate for culturally traditional medicines used by people around the world.

Key features of Dr. Leslie Korn site: 

  • The website is clearly designed to address the needs and desires of the target audience, offering effective solutions.
  • High-quality visuals and imagery enhance the overall user experience, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.
  • Customer-centric approach ensures that the website addresses the specific needs and desires of its target audience.
  • Conversion optimization strategies are implemented to maximize the effectiveness of the website in achieving its goals.
  • Bilingual support in English and Spanish enhances accessibility and accommodates a diverse range of users.
Dr. Leslie Korn

4. Vanbrugh Physio

Vanbrugh Physio pertains to physiotherapy services in the UK. 

It offers information about physiotherapists, their treatments, appointments, patient testimonials, and educational resources on physical health and rehabilitation methods. 

Key features of the Vanbrugh Physio site: 

  • The website likely uses movement-focused imagery to illustrate how the company’s treatment benefits users.
  • Positioned after the initial text, an easily accessible CTA prompts users to quickly understand the service and take action, such as scheduling a call.
  • The powerful statement “LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL” implies the company offers services that enable a fulfilling life.
  • The site efficiently introduces services and encourages prompt user action or exploration.
  • The design visually communicates treatment benefits, guiding users to understand services and take action for improved well-being.
4. Vanbrugh Physio StoryBrand website examples

5. Dunshire Productions

Dunshire Productions is a collaborative team that found its synergy within the dynamic landscape of entertainment and advertising. 

They passionately advocate for the profound impact of storytelling in uniting people. 

Embracing this belief, they demonstrate that the magic of human connection transcends into the realm of advertising.

Key features of Dunshire Productions site: 

  • Uses story branding to swiftly explain services, setting clear expectations upon arrival for users’ immediate understanding.
  • Conveys who they are, values, and services in a conversational tone, making visitors feel like friends.
  • Employs fun, colloquial language for effective communication, creating a relatable and approachable atmosphere.
  • Integrates fun videos and vibrant colors to enhance storytelling, engaging visitors and aligning with their brand identity.
  • Tailors content to resonate with their ideal customer persona, aiming to build a closer relationship and deeper understanding.
5. Dunshire Productions StoryBrand website examples

6. BetterUp

BetterUp is committed to fostering authentic workplaces where individuals bring their complete selves. 

Their research drives inclusion, aiding every client in achieving goals. Reflecting diverse communities, their team fuels innovation, supporting individual growth.

Key features of BetterUp site: 

  • Centers on improving workplace dynamics by enhancing resilience and adaptability for better organizational effectiveness.
  • Effectively highlights common workplace and organizational challenges using the StoryBrand framework.
  • Integrates graphics, animations, charts, and concise text for a smooth website journey.
  • Deploys the problem + solution StoryBrand framework, detailing issues before introducing potential remedies.
  • Provides in-depth insights into organizational challenges, facilitating a comprehensive understanding for visitors.
6. BetterUp StoryBrand website examples

7. Beta Kids

BetaKIDS is a platform driven by a mission to cultivate healthier children and promote happier families, focusing on bolstering each child’s immune system for overall well-being and vitality.

They likely offer products or services aimed at supporting children’s health and immune function to contribute to the wellness of families. 

Key features of Beta Kids site: 

  • Cleverly splits content and engaging visuals for cohesive storytelling and an appealing design.
  • Graphical touches soften edges, adding interest to images for a more engaging appearance.
  • Divides layout to convey information and link text with compelling graphics.
  • Aligns layout with StoryBrand principles for effective storytelling and visual appeal.
  • Provides valuable insights for integrating similar strategies into other web designs.
7. Beta Kids StoryBrand website examples


Wrapping up, the StoryBrand framework has proven to be a game-changer for brands and businesses, offering a clear roadmap to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

StoryBrand has the potential to elevate your brand storytelling. 

From crafting a clear and captivating brand message to structuring your website’s content with a customer-focused narrative – all can be elevated with the StoryBrand framework. 

Ready to create a website with the StoryBrand framework?

Follow the strategies and inspiration from the above-mentioned exceptional StoryBrand website examples to create a compelling online presence for your coaching business.

Each StoryBrand website examples simplifies complex ideas, making the coaching process relatable and inviting. 

Feel free to reach out if you are looking for a StoryBrand website for your coaching business.


What is the StoryBrand framework, and how does it apply to website design?

Explanation of the StoryBrand methodology and its application in structuring website content and design to engage visitors through a compelling narrative.

How can I identify my brand’s ‘hero’ and ‘guide’ within the StoryBrand framework?

Guidance on recognizing the customer as the hero with a problem and positioning the brand as the guide offering a solution on the website.

What are the key components necessary to create a story-driven narrative on my website?

Insights into essential elements such as clear messaging, engaging visuals, compelling calls-to-action, and simplified content organization.

How does StoryBrand enhance user experience (UX) and increase conversions on a website?

Explanation of how a StoryBrand-based approach optimizes UX by guiding users through a clear journey and prompts action, thereby improving conversion rates.

What role does storytelling and visual elements play in a StoryBrand website?

Explanation of the importance of storytelling techniques and visually appealing elements in resonating with visitors and fostering emotional connections.

How can I ensure consistency between my website’s StoryBrand messaging and other marketing efforts?

Strategies to align website messaging with broader brand narratives, maintaining consistency across various marketing channels and touchpoints.

What are some best practices for measuring the success of a StoryBrand-based website?

Guidance on measuring website performance metrics, such as engagement, conversion rates, and user feedback, to assess the effectiveness of StoryBrand implementation.

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