Looking for an inspiration to build your therapy website?

Being a therapist, a website can be very beneficial for you. You can get in touch with your clients and your clients can find out about you easily. A welcoming and inclusive website helps the visitor to connect more.

WordPress, the content management system (CMS), is highly flexible and scalable with thousands of plug-ins and themes. It is open-source software and fully customizable for your custom websites.

In this post, we have listed the 12 best therapy websites with their key features that work built using WordPress in 2024.

Must-Have features of therapy websites:

A therapist’s website is like a catalog. It has lots of information in one easy-to-find place. Your clients will also appreciate it if they are able to find all the required information easily. 

If your website isn’t bringing you as many new clients as you’d like, it means you are missing something. Your website needs to be very professional.

Must have features are:

  • A clear message on your home page
  • Easy to navigate menu 
  • Contact information
  • Online appointment form
  • Specialization and services
  • Call To Action
  • Responsive design
  • Opening hours
  • Testimonials
  • Blog

12 best therapy websites including key features

Below, we have constructed a list of the some of the best websites for therapists for you with their key features. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Swayam Prabha Psychological Services

Anil, the owner of the Swayam Prabha Psychological Services WordPress website, helps clients to identify and remove the root cause of psychological. He offers psychotherapy, consultation, assessment, and supervision services for various issues. 

Key features of the website:

  • Easy to navigate menu 
  • A clear message on the home page about the website 
  • Attractive and approachable CTA button 
  • All social media links exists on the homepage
  • Clearly mentioned the services that they offer
  • Contact information is provided in the footer section for easy access and reference.
  • Testimonials are present to add the credibility
Swayam Prabha Psychological Services Therapy Website

Our suggestions:

  • To optimize navigation, it is advisable to reduce the number of links to a minimum and transfer additional links to the footer section.
  • It is not ideal to have social media links in the header
  • A lead generator is missing, it is the most powerful to connect with your potential clients.

2. Natalie X. Kortynyk, PhD

Dr. Korytnyk, the owner of Natalie X. Kortynyk, is a clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy in a boutique private practice in downtown D.C. Her approach is to be engaging and interactive.

Also, she helps individuals to gain insight and understanding of the root causes.  Dr. Korytnyk always explored practical solutions to their problems. She also has one of the best therapy websites.

Key features of the website:

  • Simple CTA
  • Clearly stated the services 
  • Address added in the footer section 
  • Common question page linked in the main menu 
  • Offers free 15-minute phone consultation
  • Client testimonials are listed against each service 
  • About page is self-explanatory for her experiences
Natalie X. Kortynyk, PhD Therapy Website

Our suggestions:

  • CTA should be made more prominent to stand out from the text
  • Quick links are missing from the footer
  • A transitional CTA should be added

3. Brené Brown

Brene Brown is a researcher and a storyteller. Brené has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. Her most difficult and rewarding challenge of my work is how to be both a mapmaker and a traveler. 

She is the author of six #1 New York Times best sellers and is the host of two award-winning podcasts, Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead. Brené’s books have been translated into more than 30 languages. 

Key features of the website:

  • Eye catchy homepage banner section 
  • All the latest podcasts are embedded 
  • Approachable CTA buttons
  • Social media links are embedded 
  • Listed the featured books on the homepage
  • The newsletter form is embedded in the footer 
  • About page shares the journey of her life 
Brené Brown Therapy Website

Our suggestions:

  • A direct CTA can not be found on the header
  • Aspirational identity and guide section is missing from the website
  • The newsletter subscription is very vague, it should be made more specific to enhance conversion rate

4. Anchor Light Therapy

Anchor Light Therapy Collective is a multidisciplinary mental health counseling center and therapy clinic in Seattle, WA. They are passionate about empowering their clients and improving their lives.

Their specialized training includes individual therapy, hypnotherapy, and couples therapy using the Gottman Method. Also, online therapy is highly regulated with a few specific protocols. It is available for couples seeking relationship counseling mainly. 

Key features of the website:

  • The free zoom consultation link is embedded at the top of the homepage 
  • Outstanding CTA buttons 
  • Listed all the therapists with their details 
  • Explained all the types of therapies they offer
  • Listed all the issues they deal with 
  • The address is mentioned in the footer with Map 
  • Listed recently published articles by Anchor Light Therapists in the footer
Anchor Light Therapy Therapy Website

Our suggestions:

  • Navigation is too cluttered
  • Testimonials should be added to boost the credibility
  • Quick links should be added to the footer as well

5. Bucks County Anxiety Center

Bucks County Anxiety Center is a therapist collective. It means, they have come together to create a center of excellence. Here, all the patients can receive exceptional care.

All therapists practicing at Bucks County Anxiety Center are anxiety and OCD specialists trained in the latest research-based methods.

Key features of the website:

  • User-friendly menu
  • Contact details are the first things you will see on the homepage.
  • A clear message added to the home page banner 
  • Listed all the therapists with their details 
  • Warm welcome images 
  • The main menu includes direct links to the service pages for easy access and exploration.
  • The accessibility menu provides one-tap access to many of the features on your device
Bucks County Anxiety Center Therapy Website

6. Inner Canvas

Lisa, the owner of the Inner Canvas website, is a therapist by profession. Being a professional problem-solver, she requires an extraordinary amount of training, dedication, and most of all creativity.

As a workshop leader and continuing education provider for therapists, Lisa is here to show you how to approach your therapy practice like an artist. Turning ‘mistakes’ into opportunities for growth and ‘blocks’ into inspired solutions. 

Key features of the website:

  • Excellent and precise mission statement
  • Easy to navigate menu 
  • The newsletter form is embedded on the first fold of the homepage
  • Explained about herself 
  • Linked “Creativity as Co-Therapist” book as an invitation
  • Listed all the services in an outstanding way 
  • A number of testimonials make it easy to take a leap of faith.
innercanvas Therapy Website

Our suggestions:

  • It is advisable to avoid placing social links in the header of your website.
  • A clear CTA is missing from the homepage
  • Consider relocating some of the links from the menu to the footer section to declutter the navigation.

7. Attuned Psychology

Attuned Psychology aims to help you to balance the areas that are blocking the path to a more meaningful life. They ensure the experience in a comfortable and confidential way. 

As psychologists and therapists, they offer a confidential objective sounding board for their clients. Their qualified team aims to help with any kind of issues like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss, and much more. 

Key features of the website:

  • Shared the contact information in the header section
  • Easy to navigate menu 
  • The booking form is prominently displayed in the first fold of the webpage.
  • Listed the types of clients they deal with 
  • Linked all the latest articles on the homepage 
  • The newsletter form is integrated into the webpage.
  • Detailed explanations of common issues are provided.
attunedpsychology Therapy Website

Our suggestions:

  • Adding a clear lead generator is highly recommended for improved lead generation and conversion.
  • Testimonials should be added to the homepage to boost authority
  • Contact information and quick links are missing from the footer

8. Cynthia Benge Therapy

Cynthia Benge, the owner of the Cynthia Benge Therapy, has over 20 years of experience in her profession. She guides people from their own “stuck” places to a life full of adventure, meaning, and satisfying relationships. 

On this website, you can find out free and simple self-assessment tools. Also, you can get tips and advice you can readily apply to your life.

Key features of the website:

  • Great website tagline in the header section 
  • Listed the types of clients they deal with
  • Live guided courses link
  • The homepage features links to recent articles for easy access and engagement.
  • Free assessment CTA embedded in the first fold of the homepage 
  • Contact information is easy to access 
  • Clearly stated the pricing details 

Our suggestions:

  • There are too many links in the main navigation
  • No footer section
  • Call to action is missing

9. Greenlake Wellness Group

Greenlake Wellness is a group of practitioners and Julia Jenkins owns this website. She is a Seattle therapist and wellness advocate and believes that she doesn’t have to do difficult things alone.

Greenlake Wellness works with trauma healing and attachment repair for individuals, couples, and groups in Seattle, WA. It is tending to a wide range of patient wellness needs in a grounding and inspiring atmosphere.

Key features of the website:

  • Eye Catchy Tagline
  • Short and simple CTAs
  • Listed the services 
  • A good welcome message with the website information 
  • The location, contact number, and email address are displayed on the footer. 
  • The FAQ page is accessible through the main menu.
  • Explained in detail what they offer in their paid packages 

Our suggestions:

  • Clear CTA is found on the homepage but it should be made more prominent
  • he contact form in the footer exceeds the recommended length for optimal conversion
  • Consider adding testimonials to the homepage for enhanced credibility and social proof.

10. Martha Dupecher, Ph.D., MSW

Martha Dupecher is practicing psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for the past 25 years. She worked in both French and English. She usually spends a few sessions with people carefully listening to them describe the situation that brings them. 

Areas of expertise of Martha Dupecher include Depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, grief, and much more. Martha stated that a cornerstone of this healing experience is being in a relationship where it is safe to be truly and wholly yourself.

Key features of the website:

  • Shared her experience in the first fold of the website to build the trust of the visitors 
  • Describe how they can help you 
  • Explained her specialization psychotherapy in detail 
  • Embedded contact form on the homepage 
  • The footer section contains all the necessary contact information
  • The FAQ page is accessible through the main menu. 
  • On the services page, explained about her areas of expertise 

Our suggestions:

  • Homepage is missing important information like the problem your client is facing
  • Multiple CTAs are present, which can confuse a visitor to take an action
  • The website lacks a lead generation system.

11. Jennifer Breslow

Jennifer Breslow is a licensed creative arts therapist. She specializes in addiction recovery, trauma, art therapy, anxiety, family therapy and relationship challenges, and loss and grief. 

Art therapy provides a way to use the creative process to express yourself, gain insight and awareness, and build coping skills. The piece of art that you create might offer insight and awareness that wasn’t in your conscious mind.

Key features of the website:

  • Eye catchy website slogan 
  • Short and descriptive CTA
  • Email addresses and social media links seems very approachable 
  • Listed their area of expertise 
  • Embedded welcome video on the homepage
  • Added the links of all their services in the footer section 
  • Explained their fee structure in in-depth 

Our suggestions:

  • It is advisable to avoid placing social links in the header of your website.
  • Testimonials can be added to boost authority
  • There’s no plan section to guide a client how working with you will look like

12. Mommy Speech Therapy

Heidi Hanks owns the Mommy Speech Therapy website. She is a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist since 2000. Her favorite parts of being a mom are hearing their little ones say their first words and getting some insight into what goes on in their little heads. 

The Mommy Speech Therapy website’s goal is to share some tips and techniques that they have learned over the years in working with clients. They want to help your little ones so that they become the very best communicators they can be.

Key features of the website:

  • Easy to navigate menu 
  • Embedded their featured posts in the first fold of the website 
  • Listed their all categories 
  • Offering free downloads 
  • Pages are full of incredible and eye catchy images 
  • Well-crafted About page that gives a detailed insight into her personality 
  • Linked the Read First page in the main menu to help the website visitors

Our suggestions:

  • You need to include a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) on your website.
  • The homepage’s optimization can be achieved by categorizing and organizing the available high quality content.


Wrapping up, Whatever type of therapy you offer, accessibility is key. A great therapy website help to establish credibility and status as a provider of services to your website visitors. 

On your therapy websites, you can outline your services and share your experience to build trust in your clients.

Therefore, It is important to pay attention to your website development and have a website that works if you are looking to grow your business.

You can get in touch with us if you’re looking to create a therapy website for your business.

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