Looking for the best strategies to increase the mobile conversion rate of your website? 

Website mobile conversion rate refers to tactics that aim to increase the number of users, which leads to increased revenue, especially for your mobile users.

Do you know over 52% of web traffic comes in from mobile users?

That’s the reason why business mobile conversion optimization can not be ignored.

To help you optimize your mobile conversion rate, we have listed the 10 best ways to maximize the mobile conversion rate for your website that will help to decrease the bounce rate and increase sales.

Let’s get started!

1. Keep the mobile design simple 

A simple mobile web design is the key to increasing a website’s mobile conversion.

Do you know people on mobile devices account for about half of the web traffic worldwide?

Mobile devices generate 58.99% of global website traffic. Considering this, your website design must be optimized for mobile users.

Tips to optimize your mobile web design are:

  • Display selective and important information 
  • Align the call-to-action buttons in the center
  • Visually separate navigation from content
  • Stick to a one-column layout
  • Avoid using a horizontal scroll
  • Offer autofill for fields like shipping or billing addresses
  • Use inline validation to validate user input in real time

2. Create mobile-specific campaigns

Online campaigns make it easier to reach and target the right audience.

Website campaigns help to drive traffic and generate more conversions on your website from Tweets targeted to specific audiences.

According to the latest survey, In January 2023, 62% of web traffic came from mobile devices, not desktops. It proves that mobile marketing is the fastest way to interact with your audience and get your message out immediately.

Tips for creating successful mobile-specific campaigns are : 

  • Set clear and attainable goals
  • Create content that meets your target customers where they are
  • Test for all kinds of bugs and glitches
  • Keep messages short and precise
  • Focus on landing pages
  • Embrace testing and tweaking
  • Attract them with a strong CTA

3. Maximize your mobile page speed

Good website speed is a must for success for any website.

High website speed ensures an impressive user experience, improves the SEO rankings of a website, and boosts the conversion rate. 

Do you know decreasing mobile site load times by just one-tenth of a second resulted in major increases in conversion rates?

Tips to maximize your mobile page speed are:

  • Measure and minimize server response time
  • Minimize redirects 
  • Optimize the round-trip times
  • Put JS at the bottom
  • Add CSS at the top of HTML files
  • Optimize and minify CSS and JS files
  • Use gzip compression to reduce the file size
Page speed

4. Enable browser caching

By enabling browser caching, you can increase your site’s performance. Research shows that improving load time by a few seconds can significantly increase conversion rate. 

A website with slow speed tends the visitors to leave immediately without taking any action, and this may harm your business. Caching improves site ranking, bandwidth efficiency, and conversions.

 Enable browser caching

5. Use mobile-friendly popups

Pop-ups are a useful digital marketing feature. They help to enhance your website’s lead generation and conversion rates. A well-designed and properly executed pop-up leaves are good user experience. 

According to the survey results, the average popup conversion rate is 11.09%.

Tips to add an eye catchy and mobile-friendly popup on your website are:

  • Serve them up at the appropriate time
  • Integrate popups well with the rest of your site
  • Create a clear path
  • Include a distinct call-to-action
  • Make use of visuals
  • Make popups easy to close
  • Have mobile-specific design

6. Track mobile user behaviors

Tracking the behavior of your audience provides you valuable insight into what features of your website are preferred the most.

Also, it helps to improve your website and increase conversion rates. 

According to McKinsey, organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.

The benefits of tracking user behavior are:

  • Helps to understand target customers better 
  • Identify performing and under-performing pages
  • Find out why customers are abandoning your site
  • Increase conversions 
  • Understanding purchasing behavior 

The best tools for tracking user behavior on mobile are:

 Track mobile user behaviors

7. Ask for feedback from mobile users

Obtaining feedback from your website visitors is one of the significant factors in scaling your business. Feedback builds more trust, helps to collect more information, makes sales easier, and creates the best customer experience. Moreover, it may increase conversions. 

Tips to add a good feedback form are:

  • Keep it simple and short
  • Have consistent rating scales
  • Be straightforward and specific
  • Personalize your request for feedback
  • Be open-minded about feedback 
  • Make the feedback experience seamless
  • Aim for high-quality and user-friendly design

8. Have a mobile-optimized FAQ section

Having the FAQ page or section is considered one of the top customer service trends. It helps to save customers valuable time, adds value to search engine optimization, and encourages trust with your website visitors that can overcome obstacles to conversions.

Tips for creating a mobile-optimized FAQ section:

  • Use service data to identify your most common questions
  • Include space for live support options
  • Regularly monitor the FAQ page’s performance
  • Add social buttons 
  • Focus on SEO 

If your website customers clear away their doubts by going through the FAQ page or section, then you’ll end up with a higher conversion rate.

mobile-optimized FAQ section

9. Increase trust and remove friction

Lack of trust of your customers in your website or friction happens when something on your website slows down or stops. Especially when website users move through your sales funnel. 

Ways to identify user friction:

  • Rage clicks 
  • Dead clicks
  • Thrashed cursor
  • Form abandonment
  • Pinch-to-zoom
  • Error clicks 
  • Unusual page refresh 

Tips to reduce friction on your website and increase conversions are:

  • Improve the website design
  • Use a robust search
  • Increase site speed
  • Reduce requirements
  • Critical fields only
  • Simplify options
  • Multiple ways to pay
Increase trust and remove friction

10. Eliminate unnecessary distractions

If you want to increase the conversion rate on your website, you have to simplify your web design and remove unnecessary distractions. 

Tips to eliminate unnecessary distractions: 

  • Implement minimalistic navigation that starts with the menu
  • Use a consistent color scheme
  • Stop the movement and motion

The “Rule of One” is also the key principle to eliminate unnecessary distractions. It says every page on your site should have one purpose, one call-to-action, and one point of focus. 

Less or no distractions in your Web design lead to enjoy stronger user engagement and higher conversions.

Eliminate unnecessary distractions


Wrapping up, mobile is not the future, it’s the present, and we are living in the mobile era. Optimizing your website for mobile has countless benefits. 

Website mobile conversion rate optimization helps to increase site speed, improve readability, and optimize the user experience for your website visitors. Moreover, it helps to boost your revenue. 

Ready to optimize your mobile conversion rate? Follow the above-mentioned strategies and increase your sales and revenue. 

Feel free to comment below on how the above-mentioned strategies helped you to optimize your mobile conversion rate. Or, if you need help with optimizing your website for mobile optimization, feel free to contact us.

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