This is a powerful list of continuous website optimization strategies in 2024.

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  • Increase website traffic
  • Convert more visitors into customers
  • Enhance the user experience of visitors

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What is website optimization?

Your website does not grow just by launching it.

A website requires continuous tender, love and care to provide expected results.

Improving the following areas of the website continuously is called website optimization.

  1. Website strategy 
  2. Website wireframe 
  3. Website development
  4. Website content
  5. Website promotion

Let’s find out what can you improve consistently in these major areas of your website to achieve the best results.

Website strategy

Website strategy gives you a blueprint for your online success. Once you have a clear website strategy, creating and optimizing your website will be easier than ever.

Following are a few areas of your website strategy that could be optimized continuously to improve your results and grow your business.

1. Clarify the problem you are solving

You should always look for ways to clarify the problem you are solving.

Sticking to a specific problem is a good starting point and it will also help you:

  • Use niche-specific terms in your content
  • Do a more targeted keyword research
  • Improve the content

Optimizing the problem you solve regularly is a powerful way to connect with your audience and increase the conversion of your website.

2. Improve website header

Your website header is the most valuable real estate on your website.

Your website visitors should figure out the following within five seconds after landing on your website:

  • What do you offer?
  • How can you make your customer’s life better?
  • How can they contact you?
Image 3

You can optimize the following to improve your website header regularly:

  • Remove extra links from your main navigation
  • Improve your header content
  • Make your call to actions more clearer

Optimizing your website header should be on your continuous website optimization list.

3. Your story matters

Sharing your story is a powerful way to connect with your audience.

There is always room to optimize your story.

You can review the following elements of your story regularly to connect better:

  • Words
  • Shorten the sentences
  • Ensure your story benefits your audience

The better your story is the easier it will be to connect with your audience.

4. Make your calls to actions (CTA’s) prominent

There is always room to improve your CTS’s.

You can test different types of CTA’s. For example:

  • Contact forms
  • Schedule a Call
  • Short questionnaire
  • Call Now
  • Email etc

You can also improve the following elements of your CTA’s to increase conversion:

  • Text
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Positions
  • Number of CTA’s on the page

You can do A/B testing to see what works best for you and vice versa.

However, it is recommended to keep one clear CTA throughout your landing page for better conversion.

5. Enhance the authority

It is difficult to convert visitors into leads without establishing authority in your niche.

A few ways to add authority on your website pages:

  • Include customer testimonials
  • Share case studies
  • Add your industry associations
  • Show prominent media coverage
  • Add video if you can

How do you optimize authority-building elements regularly?

  • Include relevant testimonials on the relevant pages
  • Improve the case study format and content
  • Keep your industry associations up to date
  • Don’t forget to review and include the latest media coverage
  • Produce more and better videos if you can

Optimizing your website elements, which increases your authority in your niche must be on your continuous website optimization list.

Website wireframe

Your website wireframe helps your website visitors navigate their journey from a visitor to becoming a customer.

The better your website wireframe is the greater the chances of higher ROI.

A good website wireframe must have:

  • Clear goal
  • Simple and easy site navigation
  • Prominent calls to actions

A few things to improve your website wireframe regularly:

  • Find ways to make it simpler
  • Reduce the clicks to complete an action
  • Make it easy to find important content

Let’s explore a few important items to improve your website wireframe.

6. Remove extra pages

If you had a website for a few years, it is almost impossible to not have dead pages.

You can look for old pages you don’t need anymore and removing them from your website navigations can be the easiest way to keep your website in tip-top shape.

You should review this regularly and remove pages by adding 301 redirects to avoid losing the backlink equity of your website.

7. Simplify site navigation

The less can certainly be more when it comes to website navigation.

Main website navigation should not have more than three links.

You can improve your navigation by:

  • Remove excessive links from the main navigation
  • Improve your CTA’s

It is very difficult to get a user on your website, you do not want to lose them to unnecessary noise.

Most of your links can live in the footer section of your website, particularly social media links, which can be the biggest traffic leak from your website.

8. Regularly test CTA’s

Your CTA also needs to be optimized with time. You can try A/B testing if you feel like it’s not working or converting your users into leads.

However, it is recommended to have one direct CTA rather than having multiple CTAs in multiple places.

Optimizing your calls to action regularly can increase your website conversion over time.

9. Test different lead generators

A lead generator can be defined as a system where you provide something valuable to your visitors in exchange for their email. In this way, you grow your email list and ideally convert these prospects into your clients.

Here’s an example of a lead generator:

Lead generator example

Here’s how you can optimize your lead generation system:

  • Test different headings
  • Improve the graphics
  • Create relevant lead generators for different pages
  • Install a pop-up for the lead generator
  • Try A/B testing to check what is working

Having an email list is crucial in any business and will always pay off in the future. It is one of the biggest assets of your online business.

10. Stick to the Wireframe

While optimizing your website for all the above-mentioned elements, make sure to stick to your initial wireframe. This will help you in staying aligned with your goal.

For example:

  • It will restrict you from over-complicating your website
  • Keep your content/website scan-able
  • Stay responsive
  • Stick to the screen dimensions
  • Effectively create content

Website development

Website development is often considered a one-time process. And most of its elements are one-time for instance, planning, choosing a domain name, hosting, wireframe etc.

But still, there are certain elements of website development that require optimization on the go.

11. Review plugins

When you develop a website, you install basic plugins as per your current needs. With time, those needs and requirements can change and you would need to add more functionality to your website. This is where you need to continuously add plugins to increase functionality and similarly remove the ones no longer being used.

12. Improve pages

Like plugins, there are high chances that with time you would need to add more pages or blocks to your website which can be custom-made.

You must review your best-performing pages and see how can you:

  • Simplify the content
  • Add more value
  • Increase the conversion

It is easier to optimize your best-performing pages regularly and get better ROI instead of adding more quality pages.

13. Maintenance

Building a website is not a one-time job. It is similar to maintaining a house, only a well-maintained website can help you run an online business successfully.

Website maintenance includes the following:

  • Regular WordPress updates
  • Regular plugin/themes updates
  • Backup of your site
  • Security checks
  • Speed optimization etc

There is no shortage of WordPress management companies. If you want to focus on your coaching business and need help with your WordPress website management, you can use our website maintenance services.

14. Fix broken code

Certain plugins or updates can cause conflict to your website code and can break certain functionality of your website.

Therefore, it is important to keep a regular check on broken code to avoid losing your visitors and keeping the code of the website clean.

15. Website growth

Just like maintenance, website growth service is also equally important, in fact with time it is overtaking the importance of maintenance. The purpose of a website is to draw visitors to your business and convert them into leads and ideally long-term clients.

This is the importance of website growth plans.

Website consultancy services help you simplify website design, development, and promotion to grow your coaching business.

It can help you in the following areas

  • Save time on research
  • Tried and tested website strategy that works
  • Website wireframe and design that converts
  • Easy to build and maintain website development tools
  • Website promotion channels that you can afford and manage long term
  • Continuous website optimization ideas to improve your results
  • Help in creating impactful content

When you invest so much time, energy, and money in your online business, it is highly recommended to focus on your website’s growth to increase the ROI.

Website content

The importance of website content can not be ignored.

Once you have created initial content on your website, it needs constant optimization for several reasons but the most important one is that Google considers updated content as a ranking factor.

16. Keywords

Keyword research is the most important part of creating content for your website. A good keyword is the one that has

  • High search volume
  • Low difficulty level
  • High CPC (Cost per click)

Transformational life coaching is an example of a good keyword:

Image 4

You need to continuously look for such keywords and incorporate them into your site, whether they are added to pages or posts. Further, you can always look to improve your existing keywords and replace them with better ones.

17. Optimize metadata

As you update your website and content regularly, you will also need to review and update the metadata accordingly.

This includes:

  • Page titles
  • Meta description
  • Meta tags
  • Alt tags

Improving your metadata regularly can improve your website’s SEO.

18. On-page SEO

Off-page SEO is something that is not in our hands since Google considers over 200 factors before ranking a single page of the website.

However, you can manage on-page SEO factors.

The better your on-page SEO is the higher the chances of ranking on SERPs.

Following are a few things that we need to pay special attention to while working on on-page SEO:

  • SEO title
  • Focus keyphrase
  • Meta description
  • Slug
  • Featured image
  • Outbound/Inbound links etc

Moreover, WordPress comes with Yoast SEO which is an on-page SEO plugin and can greatly help you with your on-page SEO needs.

19. Update content regularly

Content needs to be regularly updated on both pages and posts. This is one of the most important factors Google considers while ranking a page.

You can regularly update the content on your website by doing the following:

  • Update stats
  • Search and include missing keywords
  • Look for broken links and update them
  • Improve/update images
  • Re-check grammatical/spelling errors
  • Delete outdated content or replace it with new content

Having updated content is not only important for ranking but also for a user experience.

20. Internal linking

Internal linking is another important element when it comes to updating content.

This will not only help Google, but the chances of retaining a user on your website for a longer duration will increase.

Website promotion

Website promotion is a very vast term, moreover, it is an endless struggle.

There is no one-time promotion or a known way of promoting and getting traffic overnight.

There are hundreds of ways of promoting your website but not all of them will be relevant to your niche, also, it is not humanly possible to try all of them at once. Therefore, it is recommended to pick your top 5 methods of promotion and then stick to them.

21. SEO

You can continuously optimize your website for the following to achieve good on-page SEO:

  • Page Speed: Should be under 2 seconds.
  • Security: Security is essential to protect your site against hackers, cyber crimes, malware, and so on
  • Mobile responsive: Your site should be promptly responsive, easy to use, and navigates on all mobile devices. 
  • UX: Improved user experience can also help with SEO
  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO should also be given due importance

The importance of SEO can be understood by the following:

  1. Helps to rank better in SERPs
  2. Get organic traffic 
  3. Increase conversion rate

22. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective way of promotion. There are two types of email marketing i.-e cold email marketing and email lists.

These email lists are the ones you obtain from your lead generator system and these are the people who are genuinely interested in your product/service. Therefore, it is an easier and more effective way of email marketing.

You can send a weekly newsletter ( a valuable article, offer or a piece of information) with a direct CTA. Your newsletter should also be regularly optimized and you should use catchy headlines to increase the click rate.

23. Social Media

Social media is another important platform to promote your business. First of all, there are various platforms that can be used like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Quora

You can use all of them or just the ones that work the best for you. Following are a few things that can be optimized for social media promotion:

  1. Posting Time/Days
  2. Content being shared
  3. Consistency
  4. Paid Ads
  5. Targeting the right audience
  6. Building a community

Traffic from social media platforms is no doubt short-lived and not long-term as you get while being ranked on Google. However, there is also no doubt that this traffic is equally or sometimes even more effective.

24. Starting a blog

Starting a blog is an initial point of promotion. Maintaining it is long-term and time-consuming but worth the effort.

Having 10 pages rank in the top 10 on Google can provide far more traffic than only having the homepage of your website rank on google.

Following are a few significant benefits of blogging:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • High-quality leads
  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Establish authority, brand trust, and credibility
  • Helps you build a network
  • Can be used in newsletters

Starting a blog can sometimes prove to be a complicated process as it has become very saturated.

Similarly, it requires consistency, time and regular updates.  If you’re serious about growing your business through blogging, it is recommended that you hire a blogging consultant.

25. Collaborations

Starting collaborations or joint ventures with other organizations/agencies can work wonders and change your online business overnight.

This is also something that is difficult to outsource and will be more effective if you are involved in the process yourself. No one knows your work as you do, similarly, you would be interested in talking to the owners of the agencies/organizations rather than a marketing company.

If utilized correctly, it can prove to be one of the best ways for promotion in any industry.


Website optimization is an infinite game.

I really hope you found the above website optimization strategies help to improve your website.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which strategy from today’s post are you going to try first?

Are you going to review your website strategy?

Or maybe you want to review the performance of your website.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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