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In this post, we have compiled the five best content marketing examples in the following categories:  

If you are looking for creative content marketing examples for inspiration to improve your content creation, hopefully, this will help. 


Blogging has proved to be one of the leading marketing strategies for businesses. According to research, about 80% of bloggers see positive business results from their efforts. 

Writing creative content for your blog posts is the backbone of this success. 

In 2005, at the age of 19, Pete Cashmore started Mashable as a blog on WordPress for free. He was the sole author and focused on technology and digital media news in his publications. 

18 months later, the blog had over 2 million active monthly readers. And about 12 years later, Mashable sold for about $50 million. 

Mashable - creative content marketing

What Pete did: 

  • Published 2-3 articles and updates every day 
  • Spent almost 20 hours per day creating user generated content for the blog
  • He covered the latest trends in the articles 
  • Articles were easy to read and digest 

Results he achieved 

  • 27 million unique visitors every month
  • Increased the team to 300 people at the height
  • Started publishing about 7-15 high-quality articles per day
  • A blog that he started for free was sold at $50 million

This is a great case study showing creative content’s value in digital marketing. 

Social media 

Social media marketing has grown dramatically over the last decade. The secret to social media posts success is also creating content. 

Justin Welsh started building his brand on LinkedIn at the beginning of 2019. And in about 6 months, he went from 0 to 20k followers. Then he eliminated his job as a distraction and focused entirely on building his brand based on the power of social media.

Since then, it has only grown more with zero investment in ads or promotions. At present, not only does he have 290k followers but also an email list of 50,000 plus subscribers. 

Justin Welsh - LinkedIn content marketing

What Justin did 

  • Started posting twice a day 
  • The content was creative, useful, and inspiring
  • He spent more than 45 minutes per day interacting with his audience
  • Created content around high-value information 
  • Collected over 250 valuable testimonials

Results he achieved

  • #1 rated LinkedIn course in the world
  • 290k followers on LinkedIn
  • $2.8M+ income with zero advertisements
  • 375M+ impressions on social media
  • 50,000+ newsletter subscriber list

Justin Welsh is an excellent success study to follow to achieve social media content marketing success using creative pieces of content. 


In November 2012, James began publishing at his notes about his experiments with habits. He began by publishing a new article every Monday and Thursday. 

Within a few months, this simple writing habit led to his first one thousand email subscribers, and by the end of 2013, that number had grown to more than thirty thousand. 

James clear - Creative content

What James did:

  • Published two articles per week
  • Built an email list to share his articles as a newsletter
  • His articles were well researched, easy to read and scannable
  • He didn’t sell anything and delivered great content to his subscribers 

Results he achieved: 

  • Published over 250 articles
  • Gained over 1,500,000 newsletter subscribers
  • Over 10 million visitors per year to
  • Got a book deal, and over 8 million copies have sold worldwide so far
  • Over 1 year on the New York Times bestseller list
  • His book has been translated into 50+ languages

James is a fantastic case study of a hugely successful newsletter. 


Podcasting is a very effective marketing tool, allowing you to communicate with your audience. This helps in building authority in your respective industry. 

In October 2012, Pat Flynn published a podcast series on YouTube, which received about 100,000 views in the first month. 

Over the years, the number of views grew as well as his subscribers which are currently at 375k+ on his podcast channel and 100,000 on YouTube.

Pat Flynn -  podcasts

What Pat did: 

  • Created high-quality guides and articles for free
  • Similarly, the first series of podcasts that could’ve been made into a course was free
  • Upload the podcasts regularly and write creative as well as engaging metadata
  • Built relationships with his audience 
  • Created evergreen content, whether it was podcast, video content, or articles. 

Results he achieved:

  • 100,000 views in the first-month
  • #3 overall business podcast on iTunes
  • Achieved 100,000 subscribers
  • Became Wall Street Journal best-selling author 

Starting from a podcast series to two podcast channels at the moment and multiple books written and sold. The basis of Pat’s success was creating different types of content that were creative and engaging.


Back in 2010, while being a college student Felix Kjellberg also known as Pew Die Pie, started a YouTube channel as a side hobby. In less than  years, his channel became the most subscribed channel ever in history. 

Taking the advantage of his YouTube success, by 2015, he had launched his own clothing line, and a best selling video game.

Pew Die Pie- YouTube

What Felix did 

  • Created a niche specific channel and content
  • Focused all his time and energies on this
  • His content was very interactive and he engaged with his fans from time to time
  • Travelled the world to increase his reach and gain international success
  • Every video that he posted was more creative than before

Results he achieved 

  • 111+ million subscribers on YouTube
  • Uploaded about 4500 videos 
  • 28.5+ billion views in the last 10 years
  • 3.5+ million average video views
  • Launched a video game that is selling at $20.49 totaling over 500,000 downloads.

This is an excellent success story owing to absolute focus, creativity, and consistency. 


Pillars of your content marketing campaign success are:

  1. Focus
  2. Consistency 
  3. Continuous optimisation 

Finding focus in a distracted world is a challenge nowadays. A simple strategy that can help is:

  1. Find 1-3 inspirations
  2. Ignore everyone else
  3. Practice everything they share 

You’ll be in a much better position if you can do that for a year. 

I hope this post will help you find creative and interactive content marketing ideas to grow your business. Feel free to check out our content creation services as well. 

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Who is your favourite content marketing inspiration from this post?

Or maybe you have your own content marketing inspiration that I didn’t mention here.

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