The first step of a winning website strategy is defining why you need a website. Once you are clear on your needs, you can estimate the resources you need to build a website.

This will be a key factor in helping you decide the type of website your business needs.

This is a complete guide about the types of websites and how to choose the right one for your business.

In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn:

Different types of websites

There are numerous types of websites available on the internet. 

Knowing the utility and advantages of each type is important to making an informed decision about your business’s website. 

Following are the main types of websites: 

1: Business Websites

Over the past two decades or so, a business website has become more of a requirement for all businesses, whether it’s a small-scale businesses or big businesses. 

Shwood Eyewear

2: eCommerce Websites

The popularity of eCommerce Websites is also growing rapidly. With an eCommerce store, you can sell your products online easily. The product page is the most important element of these websites.


3: Blogging Websites

A blogging website can be both personal and professional. The main difference between a regular site and a blogging site is that it is used for publishing articles mainly.


4: Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites come in handy when you want to showcase your work. Your online portfolio is where you display your work and get hired immediately.

allison bratnick
Alison Bratnick

5: Brochure Websites

A brochure website is a cost-effective and eye-catching way solution for your business. It is not much different than a printed brochure. 

The Neat Space

6: Non-Profit Websites

A non-profit website provides information on charities and a way for people to donate directly to the cause. 


7: Educational Websites

Education websites are used for the purpose of coaching, training, and education. You can enrol in online courses or hire a coach or trainer. Most of them also have a complete learning management system for this purpose and membership based platforms.

Primal Heath Coach

8: Magazine Websites

Magazine and news websites are mainly used for journalism; they are frequently updated and contain a lot of information. 

The Newyorker

9: Forum Websites 

Forum Websites provide an organized way to publish topics and engage in discussions as a community. They are popular as they are mostly used to provide solutions for all types of problems.


This is a list of some important types of websites found on the internet with examples. You can identify your business category and requirements and make an informed decision about the type of website your business needs.

Common types of websites for online coaching

In an online coaching business, your website is similar to your outlet and, therefore, your online first impression. 

Following are the main types of websites coaches prefer for their online coaching business. 

  • Brochure website. Your online business card. Easy to build but hard to generate organic traffic.
  • Lead generation website. A brochure website along with detailed information pages or a blog. Hard to produce quality content but a high chance of building organic traffic if done right.
  • Complete online coaching platform. This requires a lot of planning, time, and resources.

Here’s an example of an ideal full-fledged coaching website for inspiration:

kathy Caprino
Kathy Caprino

You can choose the one as per your requirements, budget, time, and resources. Or you can simply opt for a website consultancy service to help you with the process.

Importance of a website for online coaching businesses 

Living and working in this digital era, it is important for a business to have an online presence irrespective of business fields.

The website works as a backbone of the online business and will aid your marketing efforts regarding your online business. Owning a website for an online coaching business can be the ultimate game changer for you.

Following are some of the reasons that represent the importance of an online coaching website: 

  • Credibility: A website provides credibility that you own a registered business. With the website, you establish authority over potential customers and build trust relations with them. 
  • Global presence: A strong online presence is a must-have aspect for your online coaching business. Having a website helps you get a global reach. You most likely gain customers from around the globe with the help of your website. 
  • Brand awareness: A website helps you spread your brand awareness. People use different online platforms, along with social media, so the website would be a great way to increase exposure and make people understand your speciality in an oversaturated coaching market. 
  • Virtual business card: Your website acts as a virtual business card and helps you provide your customers with all the important information about your coaching business and expertise. 
  • Resources preservation: A website helps you manage and preserve your resources like worthy coaching videos, live coaching sessions, coaching content, and clients’ testimonials on one platform. When a customer land on your website, testimonials will help people gain trust in your coaching expertise. 
  • Lead generation: A website helps you generate high-quality leads and convert them into potential and long-term customers. Their word of mouth can help you get more eyeballs to your business. 
  • Professionalism: A website delivers and showcases your professionalism. People might not want to approach you if you cater to people on social media sites. Having a website with your email, Facebook, social media links, and vice versa can encourage organic traffic to your website.
  • Email list: An email list is the most important marketing tool for business growth. Coaching a website with newsletter or subscriber options will help you create your own email list to help you keep in touch with clients and engage with new prospects and hopefully convert them into clients. 

How to choose the best website for your coaching business

Building a website for your online coaching business is crucial, as mentioned above; however, choosing the right type of website for your business is just as important. 

This needs to be an informed decision, keeping in mind the following: 

  • Your requirements and needs
  • The budget you have for this 
  • How much time you can invest in your website 
  • The type of coaching you offer
  • You need to be clear on your offer/services 
  • Coaching niche 

These are the fundamentals you should be able to answer before choosing the type of website your business needs. Once you are clear on these, the following decisions will be a lot easier for you. 

  • Number of pages you need
  • Type of website content
  • What should be your lead generator
  • Information your service page will have

Having clarity in all of these will help you in making the right decisions for your business. You will be clear on whether you just need a brochure website or a full-fledged coaching platform. 


Identifying your requirements and needs before developing a website for your business will give you a solid foundation for your online coaching business. 

You can choose from the list above, the best-suited website type for your coaching business. 

Do you still have questions about what type of website should you choose for your business? 

If yes, please feel free to ask in the comments below. 

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