As a business coach, getting certified by a trusted institute helps in establishing credibility and trust in the industry. It can also play a crucial role in getting coaching clients.

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What is a business coaching certification?

A business coaching certification is a formal recognition or credential obtained through a coaching training program.

It shows that an individual has completed a structured curriculum and has demonstrated competency in coaching skills and techniques. And therefore, is eligible to offer coaching to individuals, teams, or organizations in achieving their business objectives

A business coaching certification program may cover a wide range of topics related to business coaching, such as

  • Leadership development
  • Organizational change
  • Team dynamics
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance management
  • Etc

Business coaching certifications are offered by various coaching organizations, training institutes, and professional associations.

Some business coaching certifications are general in nature, while others may be specialized in specific niches such; as executive coaching, leadership coaching, or entrepreneurship coaching.

Do you need a certification to become a business coach?

When it comes to coaching regulations, they are still a bit vague and mostly vary from place to place. In most places, there are no legal requirements for obtaining certification to become a business coach. 

However, that shiny certification from an authentic institute can offer some advantages and boost your credibility as a business coach.

  • It shows potential clients, employers, and colleagues that you’ve gone through formal training
  • Clients and organizations often prefer working with certified coaches as it can signify that you are a professional.
  • It shows that you follow a code of ethics, adhere to professional standards, and are committed to professionalism
  • It can play a key role in establishing your authority and trust within the coaching niche
  • It may also provide you with additional credibility and marketability as a business coach

So, while certification is not mandatory to become a business coach, it can boost your coaching business, adding that extra touch of credibility, marketability, and client appeal. Just make sure to choose a legit certification program.

Do you need a certification to become a business coach

Top business coaching certification organizations

Before we get to the top business coaching programs, let’s take a look at the most reputable organizations that offer business coaching certifications recognized in the coaching industry.

  1. International Coach Federation (ICF): The ICF is a globally recognized professional coaching organization that offers various coaching certifications.
  2. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): iPEC offers a comprehensive Certified Professional Coach (CPC) program that focuses on business coaching components.
  3. Coach U: Coach U is a training organization that offers the Certified Coach Program (CCP) and the Advanced Coach Training Program (ACTP). 
  4. Center for Executive Coaching (CEC): CEC offers a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) program that focuses on coaching leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.
  5. International Association of Coaching (IAC): The IAC offers the Certified Masteries Coach (CMC) designation.

It is important to get certified by a credible institute.  Additionally, conducting due diligence on the organization’s accreditation, reviews, and industry recognition can also help you make an informed decision.

Jodey was HR Business Partner in a Canadian company. While doing that job, she started FLOW’s online-live Business Coaching ICF Certification training program. FLOW is the leading international school for professional Flow Coach ICF Certification, flow psychology, mentoring, and leadership development.

After completing Modules 1-5 of the Business Coaching ICF ACSTH Certification, Jodey continued with Module 6 and completed the All-Inclusive Advanced Certification. While she was still a student coach, Jodey kept coaching her colleagues, friends, and peers in the program. 

Jodey had this dream of skipping the Canadian winter by working remotely. Becoming a certified business coach was not only a way of increasing her skill set but also giving her the life that she had dreamt of. She set herself a three-year time frame and built up her clientele in that period.

At the end of the third year, she had 12 individual clients and 3 corporate contracts that allowed her to rent a house in the Caribbeans for 6 months and work from there. Since then, Jodey has been living abroad and coaching worldwide. 

FLOW’s online Business Coaching Certification training allows Jodey to work with entrepreneurs as well as executives. Because of her background, Jodey is comfortable helping businesses and managers to create a cultural shift in their people and culture policies, strategies, and executions.

With the coaching certification, she has gained new tools and techniques that enable her to work in this context and become a business coach aka the ‘successful change agent’ she always wanted to be.

Top business coaching certification organizations

Top business coaching programs

According to a report, coaches with certifications tend to charge 3X more than those who don’t have certifications.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the top business coaching programs.

1. Co-Active Business Coaching

Co-Active has trained over 130,000 coaches and is accredited by ICF. Their coaching program revolves around the Co-Active Model which is known as the most flexible and proven model in the coaching world.

2. Leader as Coach Executive Program at Brown University

Brown University holds this program. Leader as Coach Executive program is seasoned for leaders, high-potential business executives, mid-career managers, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs.

3. Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership is a world known program for accomplished business coaches, it also offers advanced levels of education.

4. Center for Executive Coaching

Center for Executive Coaching is a top-notch coaching program for business and executive coaches to upscale their coaching practice.

5. Radiant Coaches Academy 

Radiant Coaches Academy is an excellent choice to get your business coaching certification, it is also associated with ICF.

6. Executive Coaching by NYU

MS program by NYU in Executive coaching is another great program if you’re looking to enhance your coaching skills and techniques as a business coach.

7. iPEC’s Business Coach Certification Program

iPEC’s Business Coach Certification Program is one of the most popular coaching programs in the business coaching industry. It is a lengthy program but covers everything you need.

8. Academy for Coaching Excellence 

This is also an ICF-certified business coaching program. Apart from providing excellence in your business coaching, it can also be helpful to enhance your leadership and career advancement skills.

Again, It’s important to research and carefully evaluate different coaching certifications to determine which one aligns with your coaching style, goals, and business niche.

Top business coaching programs

Specialized business coaching certifications

There are several specialized business coaching certifications available that cater to specific niches or industries.

Some examples of specialized business coaching certifications include:

These certifications focus on developing coaching skills and expertise in specific areas of business, allowing coaches to specialize and serve clients with specialized needs.

Free business coaching certifications and resources

Here are some of the free business coaching certifications or training programs offered by various organizations.

  • SCORE: SCORE is a nonprofit organization that offers online workshops and webinars on various business topics, including business coaching, marketing, finance, and more.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA): The U.S. Small Business Administration offers free online courses and resources on various aspects of small business, including business planning, marketing, financial management, etc.
  • Institute of Coaching: The Institute of Coaching, offers some of the best free resources for coaches, including webinars, articles, and research papers.
  • International Coach Federation (ICF): ICF also offers a variety of free resources, webinars, and articles for its members.
  • YouTube and Podcasts: There are many coaching-related YouTube channels and podcasts that offer valuable insights, tips, and techniques for business coaching.
  • Udemy: Udemy offers a number of free niche specific coaching courses including business and executive coaching.
  • MOOC: MOOC is another free platform where you can access a number of courses related to business coaching.
  • Life Coaching Institute: The life coaching institute offers various courses in multiple coaching niches.
  • Reed: Reed provides valuable resources including coaching training and courses.

Not only do these organizations offer programs and training but also provide multiple free coaching resources that can help you scale your skillset as a business coach.


Business coach certification online

Many of the above mentioned coaching certification programs are available online as well, however, here’s a list of top business coaching certifications available online.

  • ICF: We have discussed ICF in detail, not only is this one of the most in demand certifications, but it is also easily available online for you to pursue at your own comfort and pace.
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): Another online institution that offers courses at different levels according to your requirements.
  • Coach U: A popular organization for business coaching programs and completely online as well.
  • Udemy: It is also an online academy and many coaching programs are available that you can use to enhance your skills.
  • Coach Training Alliance: It is accredited with ICF, however, it is available online for you to pursue your passion from the comfort of your home.
  • Erickson Coaching International: They offer an online Coach Training Program that covers different aspects of coaching, including business coaching, and leads to certifications.
  • Center for Executive Coaching: They offer an online coaching certification focused on executive and leadership coaching, which can be relevant for business coaches working with executives and leaders.
  • Tony Robbins: A well-known motivational speaker and coach, offers an online business coaching certification program called the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach Training
  • Youtube: Youtube has a number of online coaching and trainings available as well.
  • Harvard Business School: Harvard Business School offers a number of online business coaching programs.
  • Alison: Alison offers online as well as free multiple business coaching programs that can help you get certified.
  • MGSCC: Marshall Goldsmith is an online academy and one of the most popular coaching programs on business and leadership coaching.

These are some of the most popular and credible online coaching organizations to get your business coaching certifications. However, the certification requirements, costs, and accreditation may vary for different programs.

Jeff Hurwitz was a troubleshooting corporate lawyer. He always knew that helping people was his natural calling. He decided to become a leadership coach and enrolled himself in a training program for coaching certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

With insights from the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance certification program, he’s channeling renewed energy into a new career as an executive coach. He helped him realize his natural problem-solving reflex, which worked so well for him. He could actually conspire against his mission as an executive coach.

His program combined the best elements of adult education with executive-level consulting in the field of business coaching. In the first of five modules, the program examines four different levels of active listening and introduces strategies for “powerful” questions that can elicit and uncover values that can drive decision-making.

Jeff Hurwitz said  “Coaching clients often come with the mindset that ‘you’re the expert; give me a solution.’”  As a lawyer, that’s exactly what he would do, he said.  He would listen carefully, then analyze the problems and constraints before outlining a path forward. As a leadership coach, however, he now listens with an entirely different goal – to help clients find solutions themselves.

That’s how he changed his career goal and become a successful coach. Hurwitz always enjoyed the diversity of problems he faced as an attorney, but he is finding himself renewed by his coaching role. 



Getting certified as a business coach can help you scale your coaching business and make your place in the coaching world.

I hope this extensive list of business coaching programs in varying capacities helped you in understanding the importance of certification and the available options you can explore.

However, it is important to thoroughly research and evaluate each program to ensure it meets your specific needs and aligns with your professional coaching goals.

Leave a comment below to let us know which coaching program did you choose? Or maybe you have another coaching program that we have missed adding to the list.

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