Looking for inspiration to create a service page for your coaching website?

The service page is the most fundamental part of any coaching website. This website page is considered as your online salesperson. You can present your coaching business services here to your potential customers. 

In this post we’ll review:

  • Importance of service pages
  • Key features
  • Best service page examples for inspiration
  • Lots more

Do you know, 47% of website visitors check out a company’s services page before looking at any other sections of the site? 

A well-defined website service page having all the key elements can easily increase customer engagement and conversion.

Key features of a service page 

Accurately describing your services doesn’t mean that your service page is completed. It also includes other elements which enforce the website visitors to purchase. We’ll also go over some of the best service page examples

The key components of a great service page are:

  • List all your services: Having a list of all your services on a single page will be helpful for both the search engines and the site visitors to know what services your coaching website provides. 
  • Features/Benefits of each service You should explain the key features of each service by making the benefits very clear. It should be self-explanatory about what your business is able to provide for customers. 
  • Links to supporting information : Your service page should be comprehensive and not overloaded at the same time. The best way to handle this is to create an archive page and list the services there. Then, link each of them to their single pages. 
  • Clear call-to-action : Your CTA’s should be short slogans. All CTA’s should stand out from other elements in terms of size, shape, or color. It helps to persuade the user to perform a specific action. 
  • Include a testimonial or case study : Testimonials/case studies build credibility and trust among website visitors. It also helps to boost SEO. Your website always needs to have positive reviews about your business and services listed on it
  • Add FAQ section : The FAQ section improves user experience and is a great option for organic search. Adding the FAQ section on your service page helps to establish trust and overcome obstacles to conversions.
  • Clear and visible contact information : Without contact information, there’s a chance search engines would never pull your site up. Also, website visitors can leave your website. So, your contact information has to be easy to find. 

Additionally, you can add animations and interactive elements to your service page to make it more user-friendly. Also, with interesting graphics and photos, website visitors decide whether to read the text or not. 

service page

Best service page examples of coaching websites

Let’s take a look at a few of the best service page examples of top coaching websites:

1. Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is one of the bestselling authors and an international speaker as well. She also has an amazing website. You can see here, how she achieved success by keeping the focus on creating content and building a community

Gabby Bernstein

Key features of the website service page:

  • Created individual pages for all products/services 
  • Each product page is starting with an incredible header 
  • Added the product details in bullet points 
  • Linked all products in the main menu 
  • Added CTA after each section 
  • Included the FAQ section 
  • Added testimonials 
  • The product prices are clearly mentioned 
  • Used interesting graphics in each section

2. Dominique Ara

Dominique Ara is one the most inspiring leadership and transformative coach, keynote speaker, and also has experience in career development and public speaking.

Her website is less complicated and serves the purpose just as well.

dominique ara

Key features of the website service page:

  • Quick overview about how she can help you
  • All solutions are listed in the submenu
  • Listed her online courses at the top of the page
  • Added the program details and link them to the individual page
  • All the information is available in multiple languages

3. Emily Jacob

Emily Jacob is a certified coach who works with survivors of rape. She founded ReConnected life to provide a safe space to help rape survivors. She is helpful, compassionate, fearless, authentic, and inspiring.

Emily service page

Key features of the website service page:

  • Linked her coaching page in the main menu 
  • Added inspirational slogans 
  • Used bullet points to make the text powerful
  • Added CTA bar frequently 
  • Testimonials 
  • Embedded contact form 
  • Added licensed by website logos and brand elements

4. Heather Waring

Heather Waring is a nationally recognized transformational expert. She helped hundreds of people create the life they desire. 

service page example

Key features of the website service page:

  • Relevant graphics in each section
  • Coaching programs are linked to detailed pages
  • Detailed overview of how her coaching works
  • Linked her coaching page in the main menu
  • Used Book a call CTA’s frequently 
  • The service page is not overloaded with information

5. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a worldwide sensation. She has rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s top names. Marie’s YouTube channel – dubbed ‘Marie TV’ has more than half a million subscribers and hundreds of videos.

She’s an inspirational powerhouse who shows no sign of stopping.

Marie Forleo

Key features of the website service page:

  • Linked her all courses in the main menu with a short description 
  • Used CTA’s frequently 
  • Added testimonial slider
  • Embedded Opt-In form 
  • Used case studies to encourage the audience 
  • Added pricing details 
  • Logos on well-known websites where she has given the interview  

6. Craig White

Craig White is a high-performance coach. He has more than 30 years of experience and offers coaching for the body, the mind, and beyond. On this website, he states to create a connection and show that they are not alone in feeling these things.

Craig White - service page examples

Key features of the website service page:

  • Added his email address/contact information
  • Used slogans in the header section 
  • Listed down all benefits of his offerings 
  • Videos to explain the services in detail 
  • Added testimonials 
  • Listed all components with graphics

7. Cody Higgs

Cody Higgs works with adolescent girls struggling with anxiety and depression. Additionally, he helps teens and young adults to figure out who they are, where they belong, and to really flourish in that place.

Cody Higgs

Key features of the website service page:

  • A detailed explanation of the service 
  • Common reasons why you should take that service 
  • Used case study to persuade website visitors  
  • CTA bar 
  • Steps for guidance to begin with that service  
  • Listed all services in the main menus 
  • Added contact information 

8. Samantha Siffring

Samantha Siffring is on a mission to help women develop online business and upscale them.

She is known for empowering women through different programs.

service page examples

Key features of the website service page:

  • Clearly defined who she works with
  • Short description of each category on the archive page 
  • Linked each program to a detailed page
  • Added testimonials in a slider
  • Minimal and to the point information

9. Kara Gaisie

Kara Gaisie is one of the top coaches in the industry. She is a certified life coach and public accountant. She specially focuses in helping coaches find their way.

Kara - service page

Key features of the website service page:

  • A prominent CTA in the header
  • Well defined stakes 
  • Overview of her coaching program
  • Testimonials to boost authority
  • Transitional CTA
  • Powerful and convincing content
  • A detailed FAQ section

10. Jason Treu

Jason Treu is a leading career coach having a great professional coaching website. He has trained hundreds of CEOs, executives, and managers.

Jason created coaching and training programs, team-building games, and other tools that have been used by more than 50,000+ employees worldwide.

Jason Treu - service page

Key features of the website service page:

  • Embedded the video having the information about services
  • Used CTA’s frequently 
  • Subscription Opt-in form 
  • Testimonial slider 
  • Programs, coaching & services information 

11. Kimberley Sherwood

Kimberley Sherwood has 35 years plus experience in coaching, consulting, and facilitating various nonprofits around the world.

kimberly sherwood - service page example

Key features of the website service page:

  • Individual service pages for her programs
  • Each page with a direct CTA
  • Relevant transitional CTAs
  • What to expect and what not to expect section
  • Testimonials
  • Details of her experience and clients to build authority

12. Dr. Lee Koles

Dr. Lee Koles is a certified life and career coach, a leading organizational psychologist as well as a life and career strategist.

Career sequel service page

Key features of the website service page:

  • Clear defined stakes
  • Positioned herself as the guide to establish empathy
  • How it works section
  • Expected results
  • Video as well as written testimonials
  • Perfect content to convert a visitor into a client


The service page is a vital part of any coaching website. Website visitors obtain the necessary information from this page and make up their minds about making a purchase. 

Above mentioned key features will help you to create a unique and brand-focused service page for your website.

These were some of the best service page examples of various coaching websites to inspire you.

Leave a quick comment below if the above-mentioned key features helped you in any way. Or if you have any questions. You can also request a free website growth audit where we manually review your website with actionable suggestions to improve your conversion.

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