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This post analyzed 12 best consultant websites that work built using WordPress in 2024.

WordPress is an open-source project, hugely popular and scalable. Moreover, it is highly adaptable and great for SEO.

Do you know, WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market? It powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites and is one of the most powerful website builder.

To help you get inspired, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best consultant websites. Whether you’re looking to create a website for your startup or revamp your existing online presence, these websites are sure to provide you with valuable insights and ideas.

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Must have features of best consultant website

Well-designed consultant websites are the first component of your business. Users will only visit your website if it is useful and has practical things.

The purpose of every business website is to drive organic traffic from search engines.

Below, we have listed the must-have features of best consultant websites examples: 

  • List a full range of services
  • State the benefit of choosing your services
  • Be transparent
  • Show why you are an expert
  • Social proof
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Simple and eye-catchy call to actions 
  • Contact details should be easy to access
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Lead generator
Must have features of Consulting WordPress Website

12 Best Consulting WordPress Websites

The best consultant websites tell the customers they have found what they always wanted. Make sure that your consultant website is well-designed and well-written. It will help to build the trust of the website visitors.

Below, we have listed the 12 best consultant websites with their key features to inspire you for your own consulting business.

1. Prophet

Prophet is a leading consulting firm that empowers individuals, businesses, and brands to make a positive impact on society. Their mission is to help clients unlock uncommon growth in the face of disruption through innovative strategies and transformative opportunities.

The team of experts at Prophet is dedicated to bringing insight, rigor, and expertise to their clients. They work closely with clients to uncover and realize their full potential, providing personalized solutions that drive sustainable growth.


Key features of the Prophet website:

  • The Prophet website is designed to showcase the firm’s capabilities and services in a user-friendly way
  • The homepage features dynamic content that engages visitors and highlights the firm’s expertise
  • The website design is minimalist and easy to navigate, with the service page prominently displayed for easy access.
  • It also features embedded testimonials to build trust with website visitors, along with a simple and non-annoying newsletter subscription form
  • The social media icons are easily accessible, making it easy for visitors to connect with the firm on social media
  • In addition, Prophet lists all of their awards and achievements on the about page, providing transparency and further enhancing the firm’s credibility.

Our suggestions

  1. The lead generator is a bit vague, they should clarify and create one valuable resource that can be offered in exchange of the email.
  2. CTA should be made more prominent to stand out from the text

2. Kea

Kea Consultants is a boutique firm that specializes in serving the alternative market in Europe. They partner with exceptional clients and candidates, seeking to understand their unique needs and motivations.

The aim of the Kea Consultants website is to reflect their commitment to high quality and personalized service. They care deeply about their clients and candidates, and seek to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.


Key features of the Kea website:

  • The website features a sleek and modern design that reflects their attention to detail and commitment to excellence
  • The team profiles are prominently displayed, allowing visitors to interact with and get to know them
  • Short and comprehensive details about their values and the type of clients they work with the most
  • Contact information is easily accessible in the footer section, and an incredible call-to-action encourages visitors to engage with the team
  • The insights page is a particularly noteworthy feature of the website providing valuable information and resources for clients and candidates alike, helping them stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and developments.

Our suggestions

  1. Readability should be improved on the header section of the homepage.
  2. Quick links are missing from the footer section
  3. No lead generation system can be found on the website

3. Feels Agency

Feels Agency is a sales consulting agency based in Amsterdam that is dedicated to educating and sharing knowledge with the new generation of talents. Their vision is to grow in a sustainable way within the global high-end and contemporary fashion industry.

They believe that by finding the right mix of carefully curated retailers and brands, they can establish long-lasting, sustainable, and successful partnerships. Moreover, they have one of the best consultant websites.


Key features of the Feels Agency website:

  • Stunning animations appear as you scroll down, making for an engaging and immersive user experience
  • Contact information, including their agency address and email IDs, is easy to access and prominently displayed.
  • Additionally, the website features short and comprehensive details about their brand and the services they offer
  • The audio page is a particularly noteworthy feature of the website, as it makes the site ADA compliance certified
  • The price of the products is easy to find, and the checkout process is clear, simple, and user-friendly

Our suggestions

  1. No call to action can be found on the homepage
  2. It is a bit difficult to understand how to navigate the website
  3. There is room for improvement in the homepage

4. Dierks Company

Dierks Company, a healthcare and life sciences consulting agency based in Berlin, Germany, was founded in 2018 with a vision to make a real difference. This vision is reflected in their slogan, which is also “We are here to make a real difference.”

The team at Dierks Company consists of lawyers, strategy consultants, health economists, communication experts, and project managers, who work in an interdisciplinary way. For each assignment, a project team is formed, and members work together closely to ensure that the client’s needs are met.


Our suggestions

  1. The website has a lot of animations, but for them to work perfectly, the speed of the website needs to improve.
  2. A transitional CTA should be added
  3. Testimonials should be added to the homepage to boost authority

Key features of the Dierks Company website:

  • The Dierks Company website features bold animations and unique branding, giving it a stunning and distinctive look
  • Services are listed on the homepage 
  • The navigation is intuitive, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for
  • The website also features a section with featured articles, demonstrating the expertise and thought leadership
  • Social icons in the footer section are easy to access
  • The contact page is perfect, containing the address, email, and contact numbers, making it easy for clients to get in touch
  • Additionally, a list of all the topics on the homepage is approachable, giving visitors an overview of the website’s content

5. BKC Consulting

BKC Consulting is a boutique law firm that has been providing sophisticated legal services since 2007. Their team has extensive knowledge and understanding of their clients’ business needs, ensuring a straightforward and efficient service.

BKC Consulting caters to a wide range of clients, including investment funds, real estate developers, industry investors, and leading companies.

bkc.bg  best consultant website

Key features of the BKC Consulting website:

  • A visually stunning web design with bold animations that catches the eye
  • A clear tagline that defines the aim of the website
  • A showcase of their years of experience to build trust with website visitors
  • Comprehensive details about the firm and their services
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients to help visitors take a leap of faith
  • A display of the firm’s core values, making the website more professional
  • A single contact page containing the firm’s address, email, and contact numbers, making it easy for clients to reach out

Our suggestions

  1. A main navigation should be added to make the website more user friendly
  2. Multiple CTAs are present, which can confuse a visitor to take an action
  3. A lead generation system can not be found on the website

6. The Green Consulting Group

The Green Consulting Group is a leading company with a wealth of expertise across various sectors of the green economy. Their mission is to integrate different sectors of the green economy and leverage the power of innovative solutions to combat climate change.

At the Green Consulting Group, their team of experts is committed to supporting the implementation of “green” projects with a focus on quality, cost optimization, and energy-saving practices. They strive to protect water and other natural resources while helping their clients meet their sustainability goals.

thegreenconsultinggroup  best consultant website

Key features of The Green Consulting Group website:

  • Clear and concise tagline that highlights the company’s mission
  • Easy-to-navigate website with intuitive design
  • Strategically placed call-to-action that encourages visitors to engage with the company
  • The homepage presents the company’s mission and vision in a compelling way, establishing trust with visitors
  • Team members’ profiles are easily accessible to provide visitors with a better understanding of the company’s expertise and experience
  • The contact page features clear and specific fields to streamline communication between the company and its clients
  • All the services offered by the company are listed on a single page, making them easy to understand and access

Our suggestions

  1. There’s no plan section to guide a client how working with you will look like
  2. A lead generator is missing, it is the most powerful to connect with your potential clients.
  3. A footer section is missing from the homepage

7. Plan London

Plan London is a leading independent product strategy consultancy based in London, specializing in helping world-leading mobility and consumer tech companies navigate the complex early stages of innovation.

Their team of researchers, strategists, and designers is renowned for cutting through complexity and offering clear, independent, and friendly advice.

plan london  best consultant website

Key features of the Plan London website:

  • Modern and professional website design that promotes their consulting services
  • Comprehensive and detailed information about their areas of expertise
  • Featured case studies that showcase their successful projects and make the website more interactive
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients that build trust with website visitors
  • Easy access to featured articles on the homepage
  • Social media links in the footer section for easy contact
  • A user-friendly contact page with their address, email, and phone numbers

Our suggestions

  1. A direct CTA can not be found on the header
  2. Quick links should be added to the footer as well as contact information
  3. It is recommended to add a clear lead generator

8. Lucidity Design

Lucidity Design is a branding and design agency that helps businesses create and protect their brand identity. Their unique strategy-led approach focuses on crafting compelling brands that engage and persuade customers.

The team at Lucidity Design is made up of experts in branding and marketing solutions, and they work closely with their clients to build strong relationships through strategy, design, and consultations.

 best consultant website Lucidity Design

Key features of Lucidity Design website:

  • The Lucidity Design website is not only stylish and professional
  • It also features bold animations that give the website a stunning look
  • The website is easy to navigate, with all services linked in the main navigation in a simple way
  • Pricing details are easily accessible, and there is no need to put in extra effort to find the information
  • Additionally, the contact information is prominently displayed in the footer section, making it easy to approach the team for any questions or inquiries
  • The website also features an incredible call-to-action that encourages visitors to take action and engage with the team
  • All their projects are displayed on the website

Our suggestions

  1. Social links should not be added to the header
  2. Menu has too many links, it is recommended to move some of them to the footer section
  3. Multiple CTAs are present, which can confuse a visitor to take an action

9. Fidus Information Security

Fidus Information Security is a UK-based penetration and security testing consultancy that specializes in Tiger scheme compliant and CHECK approved services.

Their team of specialists is fully CREST, Tiger, or Cyber Scheme certified, ensuring that they can provide high-quality and trustworthy services to their clients.

fidusinfosec best consultant website

Key features of the Fidus Information Security website:

  • Eye-catching tagline that clearly defines the aim of the company.
  • They have efficiently listed their services on the homepage, making them easy to access
  • Comprehensive information about the company is provided, making the website interactive and engaging
  • Testimonials are prominently displayed, building trust with website visitors
  • Featured On websites are linked, increasing the company’s credibility
  • The contact form on the homepage is user-friendly and easy to access.
  • Links to all of the main web pages are included in the footer, making the website easy to navigate.

Our suggestions

  1. There is no lead generator on the website
  2. Aspirational identity and guide section is missing from the website
  3. There’s no plan section to guide a client how working with you will be like

10. Briony Croft

Briony Croft is a fashion stylist from Melbourne. Also, this consulting website shows how they help market leaders and executives. 

Their fascination with clothing and the role it plays in the creation of a personal image or brand stems from his earlier career as a singer and entertainer.

brionycroft best consultant website

Key features of Briony Croft website:

  • The homepage of the website features dynamic content with eye-catching design elements
  • Clear and concise information about the firm’s background, mission, and values, as well as any notable achievements or recognition
  • A detailed list of services that is easy to understand and provides specific examples of how the firm can help its clients
  • Multiple ways for visitors to contact the firm, such as a contact form, phone number, email address, or live chat feature
  • Interactive and engaging elements, such as videos, animations, or infographics
  • A user-friendly and intuitive navigation menu that allows visitors to easily find the information they need
  • Personal stories or insights from the firm’s leadership team or employees, which can help build trust and establish a human connection

Our suggestions

  1. Footer section is missing, quick links should be added there
  2. There is no direct CTA on the website
  3. Important homepage elements like the guide section are missing

11. Hype Finance technology

Hype Finance technology helps clients shorten their time to market. Also, this community of experts helps build and deliver an end-to-end fintech proposition. 

Moreover, the experts at Hype Finance technology help to enable digital banking and payment services from inception to delivery of your unique fintech or financial services offering and payment programs in multiple markets.

Hype Finance Technology best consultant website

Key features of Hype Finance Technology website:

  • A unique and eye-catching web design that reflects the personality and brand of the firm
  • Thoughtful use of animations, transitions, or other dynamic elements that enhance the website’s visual appeal
  • Clear and prominent placement of social media icons
  • A clear and concise header section that clearly defines the purpose and goals of the website, and establishes a connection with the target audience
  • A well-organized and easy-to-understand list of services that clearly communicates the firm’s expertise and value proposition to potential clients
  • Detailed and comprehensive information about the firm’s history, mission, values, and team members

Our suggestions

  1. The homepage should be made more user friendly
  2. Readability should be improved
  3. It is not recommended to have social links in the header

12. Nordic Eye

Nordic Eye is based in Copenhagen and specializes in venture capital investments. According to Nordic Eye, every early-growth business is different and faces a both technical and commercial challenges.

Moreover, they select unique cases with clear scalable potential and a strong fit to capabilities. Their preferred point of entry is when the company has proven its product/market fit. 

best consultant website Nordic Eye

Key features of the Nordic Eye website:

  • A visually appealing and well-organized consulting website that showcases the firm’s achievements, expertise, and thought leadership in its industry
  • A user-friendly main menu that clearly highlights the most important sections of the website
  • A featured articles section on the homepage that highlights the firm’s most popular or relevant content
  • Credible and authoritative links to external websites that have featured or referenced the firm’s work
  • A well-integrated and easy-to-use subscription form that allows visitors to sign up for the firm’s newsletter
  • Clear and comprehensive contact information in the footer section

Our suggestions

  1. Great content can be found, but it should be categorized so that the homepage could be optimized
  2. The newsletter subscription is very vague, it should be made more specific to enhance conversion rate
  3. Footer section is missing quick links as well as contact information


In conclusion, professional consultant websites are essential marketing tool that enables potential clients to easily discover and engage with your services online.

A well-designed and visually appealing consultant websites can effectively convey your brand messaging and showcase your expertise, ultimately increasing revenue and generating more leads for your business.

If you’re looking to create your own consulting website, consider using one of the best consulting WordPress themes available and applying the key takeaways outlined above to create a stunning and impactful website.

You can also request a free website growth audit today.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the websites we’ve featured and which one inspired you the most. If you need assistance building your consultant websites, feel free to contact us.

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